About His Humiliation


Once she was willing to give her life for him without asking a single question. He was his most respectful and trustable man. He was the only one she used to talk.  He was the only she loves. Her life was only around him. She always used to say, “your secret should not leave your doorsteps”. She used to have her own rule once, “Leave your personal issues in your garage, and your work issues in the parking lot”. This was the reason she had success both in her personal and professional life.   

Then why she has changed?  Why she humiliated and disrespected the man whom she loves? Why she talks with the entire world through the media now? Why she has broken her own rules? Why she has brought her own secrets out of her house? Why she brought her personal life on the media? There is a difference between break up, separation, and divorce compare to abandoning and torching. The silence is not the key to a solution to any problem because sometimes it could create more problems.   

Does she responsible for his humiliation and disrespect? People say neither he deserves respect nor her love. People could be right but unfortunately, he is her love. No, she is not responsible for his disrespect and humiliation. She was compelled to do it.   

Actually, he is responsible for his own humiliation. He humiliated her love and feeling. He has disrespected her soul love. Why he did it? He had become selfish to protect his reputation so it did not take him seconds to destroy her love. He left her because he did not want people to know having a relationship with her. Nobody has wanted the rest of the people would come to know that he loves somebody. It did not matter to them that their action could ruin her life.   

She has attempted many times to shake his soul. She has given him many chances to be a man. She stepped out when the man of the house was failed to protect her. She faced many threats and threatening calls. Often unknown people had asked questions from her. How did people know her email address and phone number? Who had distributed her information to the strangers? Who had insulted him before she did? he is a brilliant cop who has many sources to find out those answers. Do you think he doesn’t know who is really behind it? Yes, he knows very well. He is a very intelligent man but had made only one mistake: Rape of feelings and disrespect of love.  

Most of people who salutes him, also communicate with her. She has lost the love of her life but he has lost respect. She knows what people says after saluting him. The fake salutes and true love have lost its boundaries. She often worries about him but will be his life after retirement. She often become sad thinking his misery actually waiting for him. The time won’t wait for anybody. He will be promoted soon and might be getting a another presidential or gallantry award for killing some innocents. One of his officers said truly, “Those A class officer get those awards or rewards but not the real soldiers who die in the front line”.  Sometimes, she wonders how he sleeps during night time. How faces his own face in the mirror every day? Where is his zameer?  

She was given what she did not want. She had given them what they did not want. He preferred materialism over feelings and love, so she had helped him to become materialistic. His own family said he is a player and has too many women in his life then why hide and seek. No more threat and threatening calls. Even she knows who he really is. Whatever she wrote, is not her imagination because there was a high authority person witness most of her conversation with his family. She wrote what she was informed and told. Nobody disturbs her anymore.   

Why she writes again and again the same thing? Because she still asks those questions herself every day. People might be bored reading the same thing. There is no end for her but this blog has become her identification as well his.   

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