Who Are Those Little Boys?


One of the readers has asked, “who are those little boys?”.

Both come voluntarily in her dreams but sometimes she calls them when she is sad or alone.

Let’s talk about first about the human boy. He is not her biological son. Giving birth to a child won’t make you a parent. Once his biological mother tried to convince her that he comes in her dream to relay a special message. What was her wonderful delusion? To hide her sins and greed, someone had taken the advantages of a little beautiful kid. Now make sense why and how all family stands on the feet of lies. The lie doesn’t have a foundation so won’t support you for a long time..

Parents know what their children are capable to do. Not only parents pay the price of their children’s wrongdoings. Sometimes, our children pay for the price of our action or wrong act. So, they try to act in improving their parents’ actions. The little boys have started to come in her dream immediately after his death. His death was a tragedy which is still a mystery. The beautiful young boy had gone to Almighty because he was needed there. Almighty need good people so they can act as an angle. So, her godson is the angle of the almighty who often come to play in her dreams. The young boy might know the attention of his parents so he pays a visit in her dream. He used to come alone but now he often comes with the dog. Sara and the boy have united with each other in the dreams. She remembers telling the boy’s father that a young boy looking like you, always come in her dream. She still remembers when he came in her dream first time. He kept chasing her everywhere. He used to hide from her in the beginning but she told him not scared of her. He is not shy anymore since she hugged him with her motherly love.

Now, he often comes in her dream. He urges to play with her. He makes her smile and laughs. He often calls her, “mum”. He loves her a lot. He always tries to clean her tears with his little hands and always ask sorry. Sara thinks the elderly have forgotten her but not a little soul. The little soul was able to recognize true love and feelings.

The four-legged boy is a border collie who also died in last October. Since he also joins the little boy, now both come together in her dreams. Can you believe both had gone to Almighty in the same month? Not sure when, why, and how her doggy has reunited with her godson. Both love Sara and she adores them when they play with each other. Both are a naughty boy. She loves their company. Next day, She smiles remembering them.

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