About The Last Night Dream


There is a black color SUV parked in the parking lot. The house is very familiar and parking lot too but how it could be possible both in the same place. A little boy in a white dress and his dog both first peek through the driver side of the window but he has not seen anybody inside. He tells the dog, “hold on let’s see if she is in the back seat. Don’t rush. She should be somewhere here.” Then they get excited as they see her sitting in the back seat. The boy knocks at the window to draw her attention. She rolls her window, “Son, what are you doing here”? Next thing, she notices both of them grabbed her outside. “We are here to take you. Lets’ go with us”, the boy said. The dog has given his expression that he is also agreed with the boy. The woman said, “Okay let’s go boys. I am done here”.

The woman with tears inside of her eyes and sad facial expression starts to follow the boys. Both boys are excited and are walking on the top of mountains in front of her. She attires in the white dress now, which just match with the boy’s dress. The wind has messed her hair. It is cold there but she is without any warm clothes. Her four-legged son and her godson are playing around her and attempt to make her laugh.

Suddenly she stops walking and she sits on a big stone. She looks down. Then she changes her mind. She tells the boys, “I cannot go now. Your sister still needs me”. The boy said, “mum, you always become sad and then you cry. We always have to leave heaven when you cry. You are alone here. We want you to come with us. Sister is grown up now and she can take care of herself”. Both have tears in their eyes. One sneaks to sit in her lap while another one sits her feet.

The woman points both to look down, “Can you see your father has built my graveyard but have not completed yet, so how I cannot rest in peace in the incomplete graveyard”. Her godson asks, “mom why he has left your graveyard incomplete”. Before the woman opens her mouth, her four-legged son says, “I think our dad is not a good dad anymore. He makes our mom cry”.

The woman tells the boys, “you guys go back to heaven. I will join you guys soon”. She hugs them and instructs them to take care of each other. The woman keeps looking at them until both hides into the clouds. She starts walking back but thinking in the mind, “boys, you are too young to understand. Yet, I have to understand myself. How I could leave without my soul”.

Suddenly, Sara opens her eyes and find herself on the bed. Hmm, it is a dream again. The boys have visited her again. She smiles and opens the window. Now it makes sense to her why the familiar house and the parking lot was in the same place in her dream. In reality, both are located in a different part of the world. It is just her shattered soul which wanders in the dreams now. Sara will spend the rest of her day smiling now.

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