A Father’s Advice on Father’s Day

A Flower from the Valley

A father has said very well, “your daughter is only your daughter nowadays”. We were talking about the system and society of my native country when the father of two daughters has said the above sentence suddenly. As we were young children, we played in our neighborhood until midnight. There was no danger. Everybody was each other’s brothers and sisters. We hardly heard about any bad incident until the militancy had arrived. What has changed the society that we stop respecting each other? We forget the humanity. We stop caring about our traditions, cultures, values, and society. Why do we start backstabbing each other? Why we do not care about others? The rapes, corruption, and injustice have become very common. Humanity is a rare thing now. People have become so selfish. Everybody is busy to protect their own home and does not matter if a somebody’ world would end. The father was upset about how society treats others. He has given me a couple of examples such as a rape of two years old by her uncle and currently drugs issue in my native town.
The father has given that example to describe the behavior of people. Whom we should blame: the technology, media, or our forgotten culture or traditions? Is human get so advance that he or she has forgotten the basic principle of humanity? Does his statement refer to, “nobody could keep you safe or don’t trust others any more”? Or it was just only advice to me or some type of hidden advice to me. Is this era of darkness? But something is wrong somewhere. Is this time to end the world? People are not safe at their own home. Everything has become so expensive and hard for people to afford basic needs. The gap between the poor and the rich has become so wide. The inflation of poverty and corruption and top of injustice has created the problem in my native country. Is this time to reform society? What actually who would take the step? The leaders of our society and law enforcement have already become corrupted. Rebellions or reformers are called as terrorists now? So, who should come forward to reform society? I think it is the time for Almighty to take control over the society before it becomes worse.
“Happy Father’s to all the fathers on this earth and also those who are living in heaven with my father”

2 thoughts on “A Father’s Advice on Father’s Day

  1. It’s nice to see your smiling face, Sara. From a church lady perspective, I often look at Bible scriptures in Romans 1, a part of the New Testament. It describes what happens to a time/place/people who reject God. It sounds exactly like today’s world and, as a mom, makes me sad. Yet, God has made a way for believers to overcome this world. We can choose righteousness, choose joy, choose abundant life. God is able. Blessings!

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    1. Very teaching. Yes, there are lot of teaching in each religious holly books. However, it depends on us how we interpret it. Thanks. I always appreciate your encouragement. My smile is back again due to the blessing of all good people around me. There is a God who always watch us but unfortunately we can’t see him.


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