A Silly Story of Paramedic

Me in training session

Earlier, our emergency room was so busy. Nobody has time to eat or drink. After 2AM, it has started to slow down so we have ordered the pizza. Paramedics also have joined us. Everyone have started to talk about the worse case scenarios which slowly has turned up toward the funniest stories. The person could feel chills in the spine after they listen to horrific trauma incidents such as fully decapitated, limb dismemberment or 100% 3rd degree burn etc.

one of paramedics has told us the story which I want to share with my fellow bloggers. He responded to the call. As he reached at caller’s home. He saw a young man crying while holding his fish tank. He pointed the paramedics if they could do something to save his golden fish who was just died. Paramedics had become speechless. But then they decided to stay with the young man who was 34 years old. Of course, the man did not have any mental health problem. Actually the Golden fish was his first pet.

After leaving the man’s house, the medic had reported the command officer that it was not human emergency. However, his tech spoken from the back side.” We have tried CPR, meds, and shocked the patient but still could not revive the patient. We have made the mistake calling the code off without consulting ER physician. Can you guys call the closer ER physician please?”.

First I thought it is a funny joke but actually it was the reality. So, this funny and silly story has become the story of night after many years.

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