Why Still Connection?

Human beings have interrupted the communication between them. One has shut his mouth completely while other cannot be quite anymore. Is anybody powerful than the Almighty so they can break the connection? The connection of soul is not man-made but it is made by the God in Heaven before their birth.

She doesn’t know if she hates him or loves him. However, she want her soul connection should break now. She is willing to break this connection. But human can’t fight against the desire of almighty.

Often she used to get the dream night before if something went wrong with him or job stress or something went wrong in his jurisdiction. etc. She often felt sadness before any incident. Both used to get surprised. The soul connection is still there which she is working hard to break it.

He still wake her up from her sleep,”wake up Munna”. She wake up when he shakes her both shoulders. She could feel “something” happening wrong with him. She could feel his presence around him. She could see him with open eyes.

Next day, she share information with her friends. Her mother said, “the bad dream won’t come true if you share with someone”. That is why she decide to share because she felt something is not right somewhere. His soul continue to call her soul since past three days. God help him.

He is her culprit. Of. Course. He is her unfortunately love too. Nobody could say bad to him except her.

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