An Ice Cold Blood Murder

Last week, One of her caring friends have suggested that Sara should die now. Not only this friend but also her childhood friends do not like Sara. Everybody wishes to have an old version of her. Everyone understands this part well that killing Sara and bringing an old version of her is not easy but not impossible either.

The old version of her was brutally killed in the daylight by her most trusted person, so-called husband, and soul lover. It was a cold blood murder of her soul by the person once claimed being her protector. As I mentioned before, someone also referred to her killing as,” halaal”. So, this new version of ‘Sara’ was not born overnight. Her birth was not imminent. So, Sara could not be killed imminently.

Why nobody like Sara? She is arrogant, rude, and full of attitude. She gets irritated easily. She hates talking to others. She seldom smiles. She avoids talking. She has become so mean and rude that won’t take seconds for her to curse someone or insult someone. She attentionally creates a problem with others so they would leave her alone. She becomes argumentative and defensive easily. She has become careless. She doesn’t have any permanency. Her mind changes every second. For old friends, they don’t like her this behavior.

Why everybody loves the old version of Sara? She was an innocent, lovely, and honest girl but often often had shown some attitude. She was full of compassion and passion. She believed in karma. She believed in the soul love and afterlife. She never hesitated to ask the questions from others without knowing the sensitivity and consequences. She was the owner of her mind. She spent her entire day exploring nature, fighting with the soldiers, or driving her neighbors’ crazy. She often thought it was a fun game. With her innocent behavior, she used to make everybody laugh. It did not matter how much damage she had done but everybody still loved her. Her neighbor used to get worried if she did not disturb or bother them. She was the owner of her beautiful smile. Her soul was pure. Her thoughts and feelings were innocent. She thought everyone whose last name is Khan and he is in the uniform is a true Muslim just like her Abu. Her belief has continued to grow with her which lead her to the destruction. She continued to chase her childhood dream until she was brutally killed by her so-called soul lover. She lived in a false belief in her entire life. It was cold blood murdered of her soul in daylight by SSP Altaf Ahmed Khan. Yes, he killed Munna and has given birth to Sara. Who will like Sara who has anger in her mind, full of attitude, burning in the fire of humiliation and insult of her true feeling and love. Sara doesn’t have a soul.

Despite knowing the reality, many people approach her so they could help her to Take next step in her life but she always takes two steps back. Post-traumatic injuries don’t take let her to take the next step. Is the bewafai of her culprit don’t let her take the next step in life? Or is it her love for his bewafa man? So, how she could die because her soulless man lives inside of her?

let’s wait if Sara remains as Sara or her childhood gang will take her back to reality. The people who still care and love her in the Valley, attempts to make Munna alive again. Right now she fights with her old gang when they refuse to call her Sara. She throw a fit on them when they called her Munna. Good friends in the Valley also doesn’t like Sara. Everyone wants Sara dead good way. However, nobody has answers when she yells and Asks many questions: why everything is taken away from her. Her everything was her bubby her soul love. Munna was a fighter so as her gang so let’s see who wins to kill Sara and brings Munna back or other way round.

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