The Strength of Words And Silence

Both the silence and words are very strong. Surprisingly, Both has the ability to kill and destroy the lives and humanity. His silence has killed her which has given birth to the new person. His one word could make a big difference but he has chosen to be silent which has brought huge destruction. Her world is totally ruined by his silence. His one word of courage could save her life but he voluntarily or cowardly has chosen to be silent. As a result, one woman was killed. Her entire life is ruined. She lost her self image and self-confidence because of his silence. So don’t think the silence is weak. It could bring both destruction freedom. The silence could become a weapon if not used at the right time and at the right place. How much silence brought the destruction in her life, I won’t repeat here because it is all over in my blog.

His silence has made her choose the words. The silence has actually created the words. People say the words cause more destruction than silence and weapons. She has chosen the words to express herself and he has chosen the silence to hide his action of cowardliness. She has expressed her anger and love both thru the words. With the use of words, she has insulted him which he deserves it. It depends on the person how he or she perceive. Each person perceive differently. A wise man said her culprit has lost his own self-esteem so how he would feel his insult which is absolutely right.

Her attitude, perception, the behavior has completely changed. Her language has changed significantly. In past, she always refused to use certain words such as F***and S****. But those words are her favorite words. She doesn’t like using certain words and slangs once he loved it. She is full of attitude and mostly people describes her as arrogant. She has become a rebellion. The strength of silence has changed her behavior.

The strength of words has brought her close to the Valley. She has met many people who think like her. Her childhood friends who were saved once by the soldiers, have found each other through her words.

She will be floating between both countries, later, she will decide her permanent place. The strength of words have brought her professional reliability and credibility back, so she will be working soon in a nation’s busiest Emergency Department & Trauma Level 1, so she have but she still not sure about her personal life though. She wants to spend the rest of life away from the dramas.

So never get silence because it could ruin your loved one’s life. It could make your loved one to use the words. Both are stronger than each other.

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