About The Age of Relationship

Does the age of relationship matter? Or the severity, sincerity, and passion of the relationship matter? Is the person with long term relationship should hurt more than the short term of the relationship? For example, A mother continues to talk or grieve if she lost her child immediately after delivering. Each relationship suffers after separation.

How about when a love relationship break? Why this relationship is treated differently? Why people have a different view about the break up of this relationship?

This relationship is self-made or human-made. Is this the main reason because it is not a natural relationship? Many people think that marriage or intimacy relationship is already written by God before birth.

The value of the relationship is more important than the age of the relationship. It does not matter if another person doesn’t think that way.

She has valued her relationship than everything or everyone. She did not care about her personal and professional life when her relationship was broken due to the betrayal of her coward man. Her sincerity and severity of relationship have broken her badly. Does it matter if her relationship was months, years, decades, or centuries old? The mater was her passion, compassion, loyalty, sincerity, severity, and trust.

Yes, the marriage could end up in the divorce and relationship could break. However, there is always a sense. The person knows the relationship is ending soon. Her brilliant man always says the relationship is two-sided the decision. She remembers whenever she wanted to go away from him or she did not talk to him for a couple of days. He used to say,” it is not only your decision. It should be our decision”.

Is the age of relationship matters when you think the person is everything to you? The person meant a world to you. Her pain has become a story to others but she is continued to suffer. Her world was ended the day he shut her down in seconds just two hours after saying, “I love you so much and I cannot think my life without you”.

A highly educated and responsible person had done this coward action. How he lives with this action? she often think about it. How he sleep or eat? How he could do Ramadan fasting? Even A Imam describes his action as inhuman or coward action. She often thinks about how he could talk about the promise or sincerity.

In her native country, people think the relationship doesn’t have value and age in the western world. However, he has proven it wrong. The woman of the west has a passion for her love. She has proved the love of Heer, Laila or Sahiba still somewhere alive in west. Once the roots were started in her native country but seem now only live in the West.

She thinks the relationship of age does not matter. She often used to ask him if they have known each other from the centuries.

What matters now the age of her relationship or age of her grieve? Her world has ended. Her professional life has fell behind and she has lost her seniority for 5 years. Nobody including herself could describe her personal and social life. She looks at everybody suspiciously. She is happy with her new friends. They care even she often fails them. Nobody knows how long she will grieve but she is quite sure her life is ended. She still sees his face even she wide awake or her eyes are closed. She still feels his presence. She still lost in her space where she tries to find him. She often thinks that his silence has killed her, and her words have destroyed him.

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