A Nightmare

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She woke up screaming. She doesn’t have any clue how long she was screaming while having a nightmare in her sleep. Both kids rushed into her room and woke her up. She has drenched with the sweat. She was shivering with the fear. She told her children it was some type of nightmare but already forgets what it was about.

She has made her kids leave the room by telling them that she wanted to go back to sleep. She immediately called her friend and told,” I need you”,

She spoke with the friend about the nightmare. The friend told her the nightmare won’t end until she accepts the reality that Altaf Ahmed had played with her innocent feeling.

The Islamic friend told the Sikh friend that you are a Sikh who is known as loving someone truly and innocently but Altaf Ahmed was just a player who did not care her misery, her pain, and her tears. Only a coward could do this type of action. The khan thinks the other khan was not a real khan because Pathan khan never forgets their promise. They do fulfill their promise even they lose their lives. Yes, this is the one she also read in the book too. Does Altaf Ahmed really Khan? Imam told her the same thing that Altaf Ahmed is a coward person and could not be a Muslim.

The nightmare was a short version of her miserable time. She often thinks her parents could ask Altaf Ahmed why he did betray their daughter if they were alive. In her dream, she and his both parents were there asking Altaf Ahmed. His first wife and brothers were also there. His first wife still continues to say that her husband is a cheater and there are other many Sara like you. But Sara continues to say no, my Bubby could not be like this. In reality, it has happened when Sara could not stop her emotions and has made multiple attempts to overdose on the same medicine. Now it was happening in her nightmare.

His father was listening to her carefully and asked his son if she is telling the truth. Yes, he did accept in front of his father. He also accepted that he is responsible for her condition.

Suddenly her both parents became a ghost again. She stood in front of them alone and an orphan. Of course this time her Di had made fun of her feelings again as she did often in the past. She mocked at her, But this time she has thrown a bottle full of medicine at Sara. She was surprised to see in the bottle was all those medicines which she used in the past to harm herself.

Suddenly Sara grabbed the knife from the kitchen counter and she thrashed the entire house. Altaf Ahmed was stood lifeless watching the entire show. Again he was dumb, mute, and deaf. She gave him a strange look when she started to run holding the bottle of medicine and the deadly knife. Her dead cousin ran behind him. Then Altaf Ahmed ran behind him. She ran toward the lake not sure if it was a Sindh or Lidder river once was witnessed by her love. Running toward the river, she had swallowed three bottles of the pills. Then she could not run anymore she sat on the floor. She waved the knife at her dead cousin and Altaf Ahmed. Both could not have the courage to face the fire in her eyes. They both become numb and could not move it all. His father came and asked to call an ambulance. Father continues saying, ” Sara I am your father too. Listen to me”.

But her world was already ended by his son. Her soul was also killed by his son. Sara starts screaming as she starts to stab herself with the knife. Of course, her screams were so loud that her both kids woke up from their sleep. They ran into her room to wake her up.

Her friends don’t think her life has already ended. She appreciates their support and concern. They also understand that “I am the only one standing inside the circle of misery. They are standing outside to just advise her, “please come out of this”

But she kindly says.” I have not played with him. He is my soul love. It won’t be that easy for me. I am suffering but at least I have the courage to write and share myself with the rest of the public. I have the courage to accept how much I love him. But he doesn’t have that courage to accept the reality. He suffers too but can’t share. He is afraid”

The nightmares and his love has stuck with her as a deadly but slowly progressed cancer which doesn’t have any cure. She must learn how to live with this.

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