She Should Be Killed

She should be physically killed either by her culprit or by her godbrother. Often, she thinks about it why none of them have done yet. Only two people have the courage to kill her, but both are quiet. She often wanders solo in the valley, but her culprit could not have the courage to do it. Maybe, no bullet has her name on it but there are many other ways to do it. She often asks her friends why she is not killed yet. Many of her old friends have given up a long time ago because of her being stubborn. She has tried to convey them a message which everybody was unable to perceive the message. She doesn’t feel alone anymore.

Recently, she has made many friends who don’t care who she is or what she writes or why she still in love with her culprit. She simply says that unfortunately, he is my soul love and his love has spread into my blood like a demon. They don’t need anything from her. They just want to see her smile on her face. Often, she fails them because her tears always follow her smile. The circle of her new friends is non-radicalized, non-judgmental and non-demandable. They are just crazy and silly like her, but they believe in humanity.
Many of her old friends are start understanding her but she tries to avoid them. She was surprised when she did receive a call from her old boss who has offered her to work with the company again, but she kindly refused. She often gets scared. Why people don’t hate her? Her coward and culprit lover has already killed the innocent woman. She does not feel herself innocent anymore. Why certain people still look at her as Abu’s little innocent girl. She has become so careless, but she does care about her friends. She doesn’t want her friends to walk with her publicly because her killer is a powerful man. However, her friends are more powerful because they are just fearless like her.

Her soul called husband won’t harm her but won’t hesitate to harm her friends. None of her friends suggest writing against him. Surprisingly her friends are the lawful citizens of the valley, but they won’t afraid of him. Even one of them was worried about her and advised her to stop writing because it may impact on her future. She just laughed at them and asked, “which present or future”. Sara’s world was ended since she found out the cowardness of her soul called husband.

She gets excited and happy when she communicates with the people like her who are careless and believe in humanity. One of her classmates has found her through Twitter after reading Abu’s innocent girl. He has made me laugh when macho Sardar said, “do you want us to pick him up. We don’t care if he walks with 18 or 100 bodyguards. History is witness we could reach everywhere”, she told her friend, “no it is not a matter of religion or caste. It was a matter of her feelings which is already shattered”.

She knows her old little crew could do anything crazy not for her but for the soldier. She is happy that the soldier’s hard work still alive in the soul of little gang members. She loves to have a group of friends who believe in humanity. Of course, her friends belong to different diversity, culture, and religion. Are they uncivilized? They are perfect with the ritual of Ramadan. Some go to temple or church routinely. They respect her. Nobody judges her. Everybody has the same goal,” make her laugh”.

Her tears and sadness are also her best friends which never has left since she was 16. But she still thinks either her culprit lover or her godbrother should kill her physically to end her misery. Why she still believe them? Her culprit and coward lover understand her pain well, but he is being a coward so he won’t do it. He could feel her pain, but he is helpless. His godbrother cannot do it either because once he had called her sister and vow to protect her. The life continues turning its path and she decides to walk on the path which life will show her. she won’t choose her own path.

She wrote something, “Both the courage and desire require to love somebody. The love finally dies in the lack of courage, desire, and the fire. Often, the feeling of love and passion die quickly without the fire of love. The love becomes colder if there is no feeling of fire. Sometimes, love become a diamond or gold (priceless) after it burns with the fire. In other words, the age of love become ageless and timeless if the lovers have fire, passion, courage, and desire.

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