Happy Birthday To Altaf Ahmed Khan 05/18

As you know, every year had been celebrated your birthday even in your absence. Banny used to get excited because he knew pretty soon he would eat a cake. In your absence, I used to celebrate your birthday with the kids and Banny boy. We used to cut the cake, ate the dinner together. You always used to say, “bloody it is my birthday and you are eating cake”.

Today you are turned 50. As you remember I supposed to be in India now. I end up celebrating your birthday myself this year. Banny is in a heaven possible talking to innyat and they both might expect for cake. In your absence, they are my best buddy. They often come in my dream to play with me. Sometimes they say, we are here for you mom as our father has betrayed you”.

This year I have to fight myself how to celebrate your birthday. Unfortunately, you are a part of me. You are a part of my soul. Altaf, you have killed Munna. I am Sara now. I am your creation. You might be surprised to see this behavior. Unfortunately, this behavior is also your creation. You have killed Abu’s little innocent girl.

So your creation will celebrate your birthday forever until I am alive. You have seen your birthday gift yet. It is a perfect gift for you. Bangles are gifted to the man only due to his cowardice action. So you deserve this gift.

I have made this perfect with my soul love. Do you remember those bangles? You bought those for me. I still wear those bangles. It reminds of you. Despite everybody’s confrontation, I will live with this.

My birthday wishes for you. “My dear bubby, God bless you a happy and prosperous life. God will give you the power to make you a brave person. So, you won’t create another Sara with your action. God will make you an honest and realistic man. God will teach you how to face the reality. God will teach, “not to leave” the path of reality. God may give you a power not to leave the field of battle which does not matter love or war. God gives you a power not play with anybody’ emotions or feelings. I pray to God never let you fell in love because you are not able to keep it. I pray to God for your promotion which might be on the stalk now because of your creation Sara has put the question marks on this”

I celebrate your birthday myself today. Both kids are home today but I have not involved them because I don’t have answers to their questions. We could not live together, but I promise that we will leave one day together. God Bless You Altaf. Yours Sara

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