Which Is Perfect Killing The Soul or Body?

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Someone has cheated you. The others may have betrayed you. Some maybe abandoned you. But you love that person from the bottom of your heart. The person leaves you because you have spoken the truth. The person wants to punish you because you have hurt his ego. I was betrayed and abandoned because I have spoken the truth and hurt the ego of my so called soul husband Altaf Ahmed Khan. Of course, being a human we like retaliating our culprit. I thought it too. However, I have adopted his name as it was planned. So, I have become Sara Altaf Khan so that is why I have changed my name on the web site too.

My culprit is a brilliant top cop. Once he was a scientist and then he loved the police uniform so decided to be a cop. We had a long-term physical relationship. People mostly say West is an uncivilized country because the couple lives together before marriage. However, it is a sin and bad thing but my so-called highly ambition man did not think when he fell in love with me. But He always worries about people would find out and it could impact his professional career. Which one is more important: life or profession? I could not understand if he could be a better policeman or scientist. I wish he should be a scientist at least was not going to kill my soul.

The brilliant cop knew well that killing a foreigner could cause more problem, so he decided to kill his love with his brain. I have learned many things living under his shadow. He did his best to destroy his loving woman with his brain, but the woman was a fighter. My elite fighter brother was ready to take an act of revenge. But brother could not decide if his sister love or hate Ahmed. Yes, I have made often confused. He suddenly decided to leave me so nobody could know what type of his relationship was with me. He thought being a top cop he has become a God. I am an orphan so who will help her. He was right on this point. The human could not help me but of course, God came forward to help.

However, Khan Sahib has forgotten that there is God who watch and protect everybody. He has broken me physically, socially, psychologically, and professionally but I decide not to pick the weapon but of course I have picked up the words and the blog and brought my feelings in front of the society through my words. I have given him which he was afraid of. Within a couple of years, he will be ranked higher than his current position. He was always afraid of his competitor and the family members to know his relationship with me. How about now?

So, please don’t kill anybody physically. Why do you want to be a sinner by killing the sinner? Don’t take God and his Devil’s job. I have learned from him because I know how painful is when you kill somebody psychologically. How hard to live when your soul is wounded by your loved one. I describe it as “hell on the earth”.

You kill the person physically, what is the use? Actually, you help them to relief from the pain. How about your own misery? How about your pain? It will be still there. I used to think to forgive the sinner. I am changed now. Altaf Ahmed has changed me completely. Kill the psychology of your enemy which I have learned from him. I am still continuing to follow on his front prints even he is far away from my life. The soul he used to live in, has shattered in million pieces. We are the human, but our action makes us a demon or devil or angel. The selfishness of human makes the demons enter the human body. My sinner or killer is a perfect devil on the earth who has killed his love psychologically. He has used my emotions and feelings to kill me, and I have chosen the words and his fear. The devil, demons, and culprit people don’t have self-dignity so how he or she respects yours.
Recently I watched Lucifer show on the Netflix who was a real devil sent to the earth to punish the sinners. Lucifer fell in a love with a human. The real devil of the hell has protected his human love. But my perfect devil of the earth has destroyed me completely.

No doubt in the past, I had received so much attention and love from him. I have learned many things from him. He was my strength and courage. Then he has made me so weak. In the end, I have learned from him how to kill someone. I have learned from my devil how to make someone suffer forever. The perfect devil has taught many others a perfect plan to kill the loved ones.

Please highly advise,” not to follow his perfect plan” because we are not the demons or devils. We are only human. It really hurt badly when someone you trust, or love kills you. Fulfill your promise if you have made with somebody. As Altaf used to say, “It is a two -way decision”. Not all relationship goes well, people end up having a divorce or break ups. It hurt or kill someone when you tell your loved one two hours ago how much you love her or him and cannot think how to live the life without him or her, then suddenly leave your loved one because you are coward and selfish. Yes, it has happened to me. Am I alive, yes? How about my soul, no, it is dead? What about my tears which still there? Of course, it is a perfect plan but please don’t follow his plan.

3 thoughts on “Which Is Perfect Killing The Soul or Body?

  1. This symbolic death happens at a young age. Unconsciously, we accept the notion that we do not matter. That we are undeserving, or that we are just bodies whose self-esteem and image is manipulated by the whims and hands of white supremacy.

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