Shaken Up Again

Always share good things/feeling with the others

The person’s soul not only shaken up with the pain but also some others, things shake you up. Sara’s kids came home a few days ago. First, she used to think never to buy a big home because it creates a distance or reduces your interaction with the rest of the family. Since the past few days, she thinks building the big house was a good idea because it really helps to reduce the interaction with her kids. However, both kids have ganged up on her and asked many questions from her mother. The first time, she was speechless in front of her kids. Both have given her a big lecture. They asked many questions about why she doesn’t leave the room? Why she doesn’t talk to anybody? Why she avoids them? When she last time went to the kitchen? Are you the same mother who was there for her kids? Her kids are stronger than her. They are full of confidence. They are born and raised in the USA, but Sara has passed some genetic qualities to them. Sara and her son have both grown up together. The son never has seen her mother like this.
She looked at both kids, but she has no answer for them. Yes, she went downstairs into the kitchen today. She has cooked something but doesn’t know who will eat that. However, she found the flower in the vase on her kitchen counter which was there since Easter. The children have sent the flower on Easter to Sara and housekeeper has put the flower into the vase. The flower and questions have shaken up her again.

Then she receives a poem which has shaken her again. The action of a coward person has shaken up her heart and soul badly. However, today the love and caring of loved ones have shaken up her soul again but different way. Sara hopes that her loved one will understand her situation well. Sara has loved her culprit from the bottom of her heart. Often her kids have told her, “My lady, the brightness of your eyes and face tells how much you love him. We are glad to see you happy”. She never told the kids, but they might be already knowing. The reason she has not told her children because she doesn’t want both kids lost trust and faith in love.

The poem’s each line has its own meaning. She shivers as she read it. She is not sure if the loved one tries to tell his side of the story or he attempt to describe Sara’s life. It is a heart touching poem. She wishes to translate it in English but don’t have a word to translate it. She could feel the meaning of each line, but she has become speechless. Sara said, “I have kept the memories of the tiger (The little girl’s soldier) alive. I have kept the wounds of a coward khan’s betrayal. Of course, I still have a big heart to keep this poem alive inside of me for the rest of life. I need time. I am trying my best. I will be there for you. It is my promise”.

Sara has talked to her brother last week. He was happy to talk with his niece too. Sara did talk with her brother a lot but did not give him a chance to talk. Due to the stress of betrayal, she cannot recall certain things. So, Sara tries to write everything so she won’t forget in the future.
The tiny things could make the person happy. The betrayal and destruction make the person weak but not dead though. Her loved ones have shown a new path to her.
Sara shares both the flower and the poem with her blog colleagues.

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