About Her Identity


Surprisingly, people won’t hesitate to introduce you to your identification. They love to give you free advice on what you should do or not do. They claim to know you better than yourself.

Recently some people have reminded her who should she talk to or not. There was also a reminder about her faith, religion, culture and geographical area. She was advised to go back to her own world. This is a time when your brain starts to circulate at 360 degrees. Of course, only people in her native country could give such type of advice. In the western world, there is no free advice due to medico-legal or socio-legal issues. Actually, it is pretty expensive too.

She felt as pushing the person against his or her advice. She has asked many questions to herself this time. The most important question was, “Am I one of them”. neither her mind nor her brain was ready going toward the other side.

She could not feel comfortable where some tried to push her. No, that was not her home. That was not her place. Her home is not also her home. Then how she could feel comfortable. Her home is her graveyard now which has been left incomplete. The culture has played a significant role when it came to making the options.

Where is a woman’s house? Her culture says the woman’s house is built by her husband. It is a strange tradition or culture or thoughts, or myth. She has attempted to reach those people.

She felt so strange talking to the people which she was told being belonged to. Her culture, language, living standard is totally different so she could be part of them. She felt as she is drowning. She felt so claustrophobic even though she was in an open place.

So her hometown is somewhere in the green valley even she owns a luxury home in the USA. But she believes that she has become homeless. She belongs to the Khan tribe but her religion is humanity. It doesn’t matter where she lives but her soul lives in the Valley which will wander here after her death. The soul will continue to haunt those who have killed her alive. Often people say injured and wounded soul always wander to get what was taken away from them. This is her real identification.

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