The Soldier’s Rebellion Girl

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The young girl has become a teenager now. The clouds of darkness have entered her life.  She is not allowed to leave the town alone. Many people have over-protected her. Many eyes continue to watch her. She has attended many competitions and returned home with the medals.  She has gone to many different places but not alone though. Her mother always hesitates to send her daughter.  One of her coach is a Japanese Catholic man while another is a Hindu. Can you blame the young girl who is educated, raised, and trained by a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, and a Catholic? Why she has chosen humanity over the religion? It makes a sense now why she respects all religion. Her classmates and playmates are Hindu, but her best friend is a Muslim. The soldier always follows her wherever she went to compete in the tournament.

The clouds of darkness continue to get darker around her. The time has come when everybody starts thinking about how they would protect the girl. The soldier often gets sad and quiet. His behavior starts to change.  He has become quieter as someone has sealed his lips, but he eagerly waits for her. Not only his co-workers but the girl also has noticed his strange behavior. He has started to become more irritated and often heard yelling at the young girl. His co-workers have felt that the young soldier has fallen in love with the girl, but he cannot express due to many differences such as age, culture, religion, and of course economic status. This is the reason the soldier always tries to keep the distance from her. The soldier has a hard time staying away from the girl, but he ends up yelling at her as she visits him. First, she could not understand the reason for his frustration.  However, the open-minded girl has solved his frustration one day, “Abu Abu, I heard you love me. Do you really love me? I will tell my father if you said no”. The soldier was already frustrated so he told her, “no, just stay away from me. Don’t come back”.

The girl returns home crying and tells her father, “Dad Dad, my soldier friend is not a good friend anymore because he doesn’t love me anymore”. Without knowing her family is worried about her future, the teen girl continues with her childish behavior. The girl has not done anything wrong, but her younger cousin has taken some steps which could also create the problem for the girl. The elderly could not find a solution when the cloud burst without any warning. Her uncle could not breathe and has been taken to CMC hospital where he is diagnosed with esophageal cancer. The tumor has grown so rapidly which start to push his trachea against his heart. Within three days, cancer has taken the life of gentleman. Her uncle always has carried the little girl on his shoulder, but today is her turn to carry him. She cremated her uncle with her own hands as he wished to be done by his own blood. Her smile starts to go away slowly. Her childish behavior starts to disappear. Everybody has expected her father will die sooner due to his sickness, but God has a different desire. The young girl becomes so busy taking care of her ailing father.

Her mother has taken the lead of the family and the business. Within a few months, the mother knew that only two people could take the legacy of her great father-in-law: Either girl or her cousin. Both have the same passion and warm blood just as their ancestors. The girl has refused engage in the family activities.  Her cousin has adopted an unlawful behavior. The teen now seldom meets the soldier She looks at him and give him a strange smile. The soldier starts to get worried. Nobody has seen her quiet. The first soldier used to tell her to be quiet but now he encourages her to talk and smile. The girl knows right away when her cousin has taken a step to become a terrorist. She ran toward the soldier for help. She starts to cry loudly while hugging him tightly. She could not tell him what is going on. The soldier advises her to go home and everything will be okay. She could not tell the soldier that her cousin has taken a wrong step.

 At time of dawn, the forces have entered the compound of the freedom fighter. It was not a friendly visit. They came to arrest her cousin. The girl did it whatever she told her father when she was little girl, “Dad, Dad we will just stand in the middle”.

Of course, the teen has stood in the middle of the forces and her cousin. The girl has stood in the middle sadly and quietly with her head down while one side was her beloved warrior and another side was her cousin. Neither forces nor her cousin could open the fire that day. Many people get saved that day, but the unity of family has broken. The girl could not decide the meaning of loyalty and faith today.   Everybody has looked at the girl as a traitor. Everybody thought the girl has provided the information to the soldier. Now, the girl has become a prisoner in her home. The ailing father often looks helplessly at his daughter. The girl starts to change significantly while the family get busy deporting them out of the country.

The girl has started to become a rebellion. She has become so quiet. Everyone sees her heart crying through her sad eyes, but nobody cares. The family reputation has a more value than the girl’s feelings. Her long curly hair now becomes very short. she has shaved her own hair. Her smile was gone. Her sense of humor was gone. She was not allowed to see the soldier. She was not allowed to go to her farmhouse. She never tries to overrule the decision of her family, but her father could feel her pain. But the girl already has learned how to hide the pain behind the smile.  Father has asked her daughter one day, “let’s go to your apple house in the valley”. The girl has not reacted at all but said sadly, “what makes a difference any more father”. Her statement was so cold and sad. Her father has become more worried. Without any fear, the soldier often visits the girl and her father. The girl always tells, “Abu please don’t come. I am worried. Everybody has changed since uncle died”. The warrior doesn’t scare of death. He is a tiger not a coward. He always wants to protect his little girl.

One day, around 0430 Am, she wakes up with the noise of heavy firing. Her room was locked from outside because of the rest of the family has gone the temple for morning prayer. She looks at her father through the window. The father read the language of the sad eyes. The ailing man somehow gets enough energy to get out of the bed and has freed her daughter. Barefoot and empty hand the teen girl ran toward the battle field. Nobody has the courage helping the army who were surrounded by the terrorists. The blood of freedom fighter has boiled at its peak level. The girl ran to help them, but her play place has already turned from green to the red color.  The soldier, her protector, her teacher has injured badly but he continues to fight until the backup came. He hid his adorable little girl just behind him, so she won’t get hurt. The soldier has taken the last breath in front of her. She sits sadly and quietly close to him. She stared at him hoping he would open his eyes as he mostly does after offering his prayer. The soldier has not opened his eyes today. He has not yelled at her. He has not ordered her to go home. She starts to scream so loudly as the forces try to take the soldier away. The stubborn police officer could not stop his tears and he tried to hold the girl. She ran behind the army truck until it disappears. Nobody has seen the girl afterward.

 Some people die serving their country. They don’t get an award. Those warriors are not hungry for power or pride. They are hungry for the protection of their nation. She knew two decades later what he had saved that day.

Exactly 15 days after the death of the soldier, her father had taken last breath. Her world has ended completely. Her relationship with the rest of the family has already become sour. Money talk and bullshit walk. The teen and her cousin’s name, date of birth, and passport has changed overnight and was shipped to USA. The girl has lost three beloved ones within three months, but she also lost her identity.

The girl has changed significantly. Her smile was gone. Her mother could not answer many questions which have created more hate.  She never talked to her mother again. Her cousin died two year later in USA.  She was one hour away from him. He requested her to visit him, but she refused. She never visited her family and her town again.

She has become a rebellion. She had anger inside of her.  

Yes, Soldier’s soul came back to protect her but has chosen the wrong body. Ahmed has convinced her to meet her dying mother. She has listened to him. However, there is nothing left. She could not see her play place where a warrior has died. She meets her mother who was just waiting for daughter. Both has met after 2 decades. She asks her mother same questions, “where is the family? Where is the reputation of this family?” mother still do not have any answer for her daughter.

She has stayed two nights with her mother. She have done everything that a daughter suppose to do it. She took care of her well. But there is something missing. The entire house is empty. The house feels like a haunted house. The walls of the house appear very sad. The soul of the house has gone with the smile of the little girl. At night, the rebel girl was looking toward the sky while the rest of the relatives were snoring. The rebel girl felt some weak hands are holding her both feet. She sit up and is shocked her dying mother held her feet and asking for forgiveness. Mother told her she is suffering, and it is her time to go now but I cannot until you forgive me. The daughter looks at mother and smiles, “mum my forgiveness will not change anything. You are my mother whatever you did it to protect your daughter. Yes, mum, I have forgiven you”.

In the next morning, the daughter has called the lawyer and donated all property to the people who took care of her mother in her absence. Last time, she looked at her mother. Mother has blessed her daughter, “God is with you now”. She took her flight to the Valley.

The rebel girl reach the valley as the mother has taken her last breath. The rebellion woman never went back to see the place where her three loved one has died because three of them were replaced by her soul husband Altaf Ahmed Khan. Do you remember SSP Khan, the rebellion woman asks her coward love today?

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