The Khans: King, Tiger, Fighter, and Coward

SSP Altaf Ahmed Khan my soul love saving people’s lives

Khans and Sara have a very special relationship. Sometimes, Sara thinks if she is from the khan’s tribe. It could be possible if the person believes in an afterlife. Once upon a time, there was a young soldier who was known as a warrior. He died fighting for his country. He was a real tiger who never scared to challenge his enemies. He did not afraid of entering the cave of his enemies. He was a true Muslim and warrior who had died the death of the tiger. He had done what he said. He used to say, “Pathan never break his promise at any cost. He would prefer to die like a tiger than hiding into the jungle”. He was Sara’s khan who was a tiger, protector, and the warrior. Sara had met this tiger when she was a little girl. Sara has forgotten everything but not the tiger.

Not sure if Sara chase the Khans or they chase Sara or the desire of the Almighty. Not sure whether Sara and Khan’s soul follow each other until they meet. Sara has a firm belief that the soul of Khan continues to call her. There is some relationship between Sara and Khan tribe.

However, people of Srinagar have protested today and questioning the ability of Sara’s Khan. Yep, Sara’s so-called husband or soul love SSP Altaf Ahmed Khan is not a tiger or king. He is a coward and culprit. Unfortunately, he is her love. Sara doesn’t believe her soul husband could be negligent in his job, but it did happen. She asks many questions, but she answers herself, “Yes, he could not protect his own love, so how he could protect somebody else”. Sara used to have a proud of this Khan. He did deserve gallantry award once saving people’s lives during the flood when he took his uniform away and jumped into the water to save lives, but that Khan is not alive anymore because his soul is not only sold but also has died after killing Sara. This khan has failed to protect her Sara. Today, she is confused. She still doesn’t believe it that this her khan who has become a coward. This is Sara’s first love who has made many promises, but he could not keep it. This khan has not protected but has destroyed Sara’s life in many pieces which nobody knows how she will assemble again.

Sara has a godbrother who is also a Pathan and from a Khan tribe. Yes, he protected his sister sitting from the distance. He is a real brother which any girl deserves to have it. Sara has loved her brother. He is a fighter. He fights for injustice and corruption. He fights for poor and helpless people. Sara is very proud of her God brother whom she calls, “The fighter”. Not sure whether Sara ever meets her brother, but she has a firm belief that her brother will come to protect her. she believes her brother could cross the border to protect his sister. He is not only a fighter but also a genius and intelligent person. Her Khan brother has a lot of patience. Sara thinks his warrior/tiger has many similarities with his fighter brother. However, the line of control has divided the tiger and the fighter. The tiger known as the warrior had martyr fighting another side of LOC but his fighter brother fights the other side of loc.

Sara recently has met another Khan who is also known as a king. It is too early to predict if he is really king or what. However, he is also from Pathan khan tribe. Why only khans have played a different role in Sara’s life. Is this a matter of karma, afterlife, or soul connection? Or is this true Sara’s soul still wonder in the valley looking for the justice. Or Sara is a lost soul who got separated from the Khan tribe. I wish today professor Khan (my culprit’s father and of course my father too) read this article so he could tell me when and where I get separated from the Khan tribe. Our elderly people have more sense and knowledge. Sara still confused where she belongs too. Where is her destination? Will Sara able to meet her Khan tribe before her death? Of course, The tiger cannot come because he is gone to heaven. Of course, her brother lives another side of border. Now it depends on the King or the Coward to show the bravery and walk with Sara to take her to the Khan Tribe which is a final destination for Sara A Khan. Or Sara’s soul will be wondering in the valley to find the path of her tribe. Who is the winner? Who is the real king? Who has humanity? Time will tell us. Now is the time to wait and watch.
Sara pray for her coward love. she requests to the god please give her Ahmed Khan’s dark clouds and she will pay for his sins because he is not brave like Sara. He talks only but Sara believes in the action.

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