A Nomination of Gallantry Award

Sara always thought that She is a tornado. But her sinner is much worse than her She did destroy herself only but he has destroyed others.

Early AM news came along with the video clip published by inside the Kashmir news agency. A son of the dead BJP leader has blamed Ahmed responsible for his father death. Sara have no doubt that Ahmed has not done his job properly. He was failed to protect his own love how he could protect others.

Sara is obsessed to collect all his pictures and video clips. Today, she is in doubt. He has not the same person. My Ahmed is a brilliant cop. He is very intelligent so what have gone wrong that he has made this mistake. Why he has become a real tornado? Why he start killing the people?

Sara has answers to those questions. Hurting innocent people won’t bring the happiness in your life. Sara has told long time ago that my Ahmed is not my Ahmed anymore.

Sara has expressed her anger and sadness on the blog. How about Ahmed? No, he cannot express his feelings. He is not allowed to do it. Ahmed has loved Sara from the bottom of his heart which is taken away from him. He hurt deeply because he know what he have done.

Sara thinks that her Ahmed is a real tornado who has destroyed her and now start to destroy others.

Sara thinks, “his bad day has started “.

Sara has a full sympathy with the mourning family. She advise them,”the justice is blind in the India. Nothing would happen because JKP has created own dictators. There will be no surprise if JKP would nominate him for the gallantry or some other presidential award for him. Money talk and bullshit walk.

Sara thinks Ahmed deserves a gallantry or president award for killing the innocent people. Only few people could do this type of the work, so he should be awarded.

Unfortunately, the sinner is her soul love and husband. Sara tries to hate him but she could not. Maybe one day she will succeed.

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