The Same Old Timing

Of course, later on, he trained me. I learned many things from him. Now He is not only the emergency room physician but also mid-west divisional director of my new company. After 15 years today we faced each other. He waited for me outside the emergency department. Today I was dressed all in black instead of navy blue. I was surprised to see half of his hair was gone. and he has eyeglasses now. He looks older. Stress has taken a toll on him. He knew right away what I have observed. He stated, “Are you looking at my hair? Both my wife and job are responsible for my bald head”. He still has same sense of humor. He stated,”wow you have not changed at all but something is missing. Anybody seen missing my favorite student’s smile”.

The student and teacher have met after a long time. He encourages me a lot. He has shown full trust in me. I won’t feel uncomfortable in a new environment so he has decided to sleep in the lounge which has reminded me of old days. He still has full confidence in me as he had many years ago. He repeated my quote to encourage me,” nothing is impossible, continue to fight. If I can do it why not you”. The person earns the respect and the dignity over the years of experience. But my teacher has proved the reality that he still has the ability to recognize the person with compassion and passion in the crowd. The entire staff is new. for me. The layout of the ED is different. Computer software and applications are different. However, the patient care, disease process, and treatment are the same which we perform on the base of evidence-based practice.

At end of my shift, I woke up my mentor around 0730 AM after endorsing the patients care to the day shift. Half sleepy he said, “everything people can steal from you but not your education, skills and your qualities. Welcome back. I am proud that you have joined our team”.

My mentor has said something which has a lot of meaning to me. He said, “only certain people had the ability to recognize the real diamond” His words have made me forget three hours long drive. I am hoping continue to maintain his belief. He has shown a trust in me when many has raised question mark on my professional ability while I was fighting with my demons.

I wish everyone has a great teacher like mine. The teacher sharps the children to make the future bright.

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