Thank You

I appreciate my fellow bloggers for supporting me. I thankful the people on Twitter who read my each posting and have sent me a private messages, and have supported me a secret way. As I said in the past, I am not a professional or hobby writer. The darkness of my life has made me to share my articles online, which I am not proud of.

Past 5-6 months were worse than in the hell. However, I have made it. Tomorrow, I will join my new job at new town which is 4 hrs away from my house. I still could not decide whether I should move or commute. Driving for 8 hours and only left 4hrs to sleep, eat, and take a shower. This is my great reward from my loved one so I must take it with happiness.

So I won’t be writing much but I will be reading your articles and poems. There are few stories left which I will be posting soon. In few months, I have more 51 followers on blog and 600 likes.

Thanks for supporting me a positive way without any judgement.


11 thoughts on “Thank You

    1. Actually I am happy. I have got chance working with my mentor and professor, and he also trained me once when I was just out of school. I am working part time only which means only six shifts per month.

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