About The Exercise

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Once the daily exercise was an important component of my life. My routine was broken with my bone marrow suppression and then a deadly car accident. Being a human, we need a little excuse not to do something, but I have two solid reasons to be lazy. I am not a good eater at all. Working long night shift is also another excuse for being lazy and not eating healthy. I did try going to the gym and hired a personal trainer, but I just wasted the money. I still pay for the gym membership fees though. Well, paying the gym membership or buying the gym won’t make you lose weight.
I know all the techniques and exercises but knowing them will not help to lose the weight either. I all need to give up my laziness, so it is the day.

Not to mention, I have a treadmill and elliptical which are loaded with modern technology which is only a showpiece. I am home for almost one month and only a few days left to restart my new job at the new place. Today, I have decided to exercise on the elliptical. At 0430 AM, I have started to run with my full stamina but at 0442, I was almost ready to give up . Within two minutes, the heart rate has spiked to 150 beats/minute. I felt my heart would stop any seconds. However, I don’t like to give up once I start so I finally done 20 minutes today. Is this my achievement? I used to run one hour straight on the treadmill or elliptical. However, I decide to do increase five minutes every day until I reach my goal. I still could not decide if I should do low carb or keto diet. At least I have started somewhere which will take me somewhere. Either I will continue to get stamina, or I will end up with ischemia in the emergency room. So, bless me all my fellow bloggers so I can achieve my goal.

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