The Woman Of West, The Man, and The Villains

Once upon a time, a woman had returned to her country to visit her beloved soul husband. She had crossed the mountains and flew over the ocean to meet her love which she waited for decades.

Both had promised promise to each other. Both had made planning for the future. Both had talked to each other emotionally.

Both thought they won’t survive without each other. The woman had visited frequently to meet her soul husband.

The woman never used to call him as my husband. She often used to get sad but the man had encouraged to be his wife. Everyone knows around her that she is married to him. Even man always had introduced himself as her husband.

God always give a person extra sense when he take one of your senses out. So, God has blessed the woman with a ability to sense things in the advance. The man often asked the woman how you already know this. The woman used to smile only.

Often the dream come couple of months before the real incident happens, which always has become true.

Once the woman got a dream that her love is snatched by a woman covered with a black veil. In early morning, the woman told her husband that someone had taken you away from me. Thus, the man made promise with her keeping Allah in his presence to make his wife. He made the promise with the woman that he would never leave her. The man always used to tell her that he loves her more than she does.

The man had not clue how much the woman love him. He was his life for whom she waited for a decade. Both often asked from each other why we love each other. Why God brought both of them so close? Why they love each other so much? Those were the questions they had asked from each other but at the end they came to the solution that is the God’s desire or their soul love had met now.

Sometimes the woman used to say that she would marry someone else. But the man always told her soul wife that he will shoot her husband if she marry to anybody else. The woman had scarified every her desire to keep her man happy. She never disrespected him. She adored him. She love him more than herself.

The man always had desire to have a baby from her but the woman said that we already had beautiful daughters and a son so don’t have to have other children. Today woman thinks what will be the future of the child today if she had listened to him.

Two days before he abandoned her, the woman had expressed her fear to her soul husband. The man told her the same thing that he will never leave her does not matter what happens. The woman has loved him. She trusted him. He was her life. He was her dream. She has met him after her suffering. She had forget her pain.

The man never used to sleep without talking to her. He would continue calling her until she picked the phone to tell him that she is in middle of handling emergency. But the man acted as a little kid. He always said that his conversation is incomplete.

The love story came to the end. Many villains had entered into their love story. The woman did not have much family. She did have a one cousin and a adopted sister. Both had told the woman not to disgrace the family so they advised her to leave the man. The woman had refused to leave her man. Both had given ultimatum to the woman to made a decision to chose him or us. The woman had chosen her man over her family. She told the man what had happened while she met him last time. The man still told her why you had to care about them. The woman again listened to him and returned to the west.

The villain were not only her side. The man side family also played a significant role. Another woman with a fake smile had acted very well and attempted to convince the woman to leave the man. The woman with with broken heart begged her love from his side of the villain who had claimed being his legal wife. The woman of the west never knew the politics in the family. Today this woman thinks why he came to love me if he really cared about you.

Both were the mothers so they had made a promise with each other. The man will talk to her soul wife but they won’t get marry as it was planned. The permission to talk with his soul love and husband was more important than getting mary to him. Keeping him and his family was her goal and desires so she had given up her happiness. She was okay only talking to him. The woman decided she will never come in front of him but I just wanted to talk with him or email to him. The woman begged only communicating with her soul love because the woman knew she wound not able to survive without her love.

The woman begged she really need to live but not possible without him. All she wanted was talking to him on the phone or emails. So she could share her feelings with him. The woman of west was not used to communicate with anybody else except him. He was her life.

The woman returned to the west but the promises were broken. She waited for his call and she attempted to reach her man but all her doors were continued to shut just infront of her face.

The woman of west had stepped out of her house to find her man which she was convinced being a held prisoner. The reality of the life started to come infront of the woman. As she ran more she get hurt. She had given father to his daughters but she ended up making her own children orphan.

It was too late when she knew that her husband had abandoned her and become a coward. Yesterday who talked about killing some one if she married but today he had put his soul wife in front of others to humiliate. She was running around like a crazy to save his life but her villain was busy to kill her. The villain has known that the woman’s weakness is the man. The villain woman had made every attempt so the woman of west would kill her, which she had made many times but could not succeed. Her love, compassion and passion is the still same. She was busy saving their lives but they were busy to finish her. The villain and her sister were busy tourchering the woman of west. This was not the stop of her mental abuse.

The villain called the woman of west that her husband is also having a relationship with other woman which she was not ready to accept it. She knew why her soul husband had abondoned her. The man who should responsible for the dignity of his wife,let other people to insult her and humiliate her. He never came to protect her. The woman of west has completely shattered. Saving her love, the woman of west had lost her god brother.

Mental abuse of woman is still continue. She ran to get help everywhere but she got only humiliation. She was treated as a second class citizen in her own country. The abandoned by love and repeatedly mental tourchering and multiple emotional traumas, the woman of west had lost her balance. She doesn’t have any clue when she has developed two personalities. She has become a child today.

Her tears are shed everywhere in the Valley. The tears of love has spread all over the Valley. Today, she got injured again. She went to find her brother but who knows where he is. Why he have to help her because she is the one who had chosen her soul husband than her brother.

Her head is down today due to her love. Who will blame her for her rebellion behavior? People still don’t hesitate to torcher her. How people will pay the price? However they thinks they are the best and God is well controlled by them.

Her head is down today. Her eyes are full with tears. Her feelings are dead. Her desires are gone long times ago. Heart continue to pump the blood in her body to keep her alive. However, she is heartless. She is not alone because someone looking at her which people know him as a great God and Almighty. Remember God come to help when everyone leaves. The woman of west is also known as tornadoes which is only controlled by her husband. But her husband has abandoned her so who will stop her? Who will be responsible for actions?

The woman directly points to her soul husband. She already know there is no need to beg anymore. The woman of west had become goalless. She has become totally isolated.

She sat outside who knows how long. She used to get excited to see the snow and rain but today she has lost in herself and don’t know how long she has been sitting in the snow looking at the Bona 🔥.

She is silent which is so scary. She is waiting for someone. People she trusted has betrayed her. Again she sense something which she thinks not good. She sense her destruction is done today but the destruction of her soul husband has started from today. She is calm and quite but anybody could sense the fire, which will bring only destruction.

The woman sits lonely but she is not alone today. Time has come for the justice. Her own personal battle to get justice. The woman of west could sense today real end of the love story will happen soon until they reborn.

Her feelings were used. She was abandoned and humiliated by him. She has become a rebellion. She brought his real face but he had lost his own dignity and he is a coward man so how he were going to protect the woman. The man has become shameless. The woman of west has become rebellion. The villains of this endless story are hiding behind the curtains.

Her soul will be crying even she dies. So, this story has become endless because the woman has become rebellion and the man has become deaf, blind, and mute. Her soul has shattered and his soul is dead so how the story will end.

Name is not written only with the ink and on the hand but also written on the heart with the blood and tears.

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