Frustration and Call for Help

Sara lives her life alone. She doesn’t disturb anybody. She doesn’t like communicating with others. She doesn’t blame anybody for her darkness. She is born with the dark karma, so why she should blame others.

Her culprit is Ahmed not anybody else. Her fight is with her coward love. Yes, he is the one who humiliates her everywhere. He is one who allows others to insult and humiliate her while hiding himself behind the curtains.

Sara cries hysterically again. She doesn’t expect anything from anybody. She expect help from two peoples only, so she left the message for them. Sara doubt if anybody will return her call. None of them owe her anything but she keeps hope. She won’t disturb them anymore if nobody come. Sara will go to God house in the morning or in the night if she continues to be restless. Sara calls God,” I need you God. I want you to be on my side today so I won’t become weak to harm myself. People jealous why I start to heal. Ahmed’s fault. I wonder who continue calling on her old cell phones”.

All his fault.

Sara is angry at herself. She is frustrated. She want to end this, which is only possible if she die.

Sara says,”I love him. I still love him even he humiliate me. Even he want me to die but I still love him”.

Sara has firm believe the God will come to help her as he always does.

Sara tells Ahmed,”my destruction ends here and yours will start from here”.

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