A Letter to The Father

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Sara writes a letter to her.
“I am not quite sure where are you right now. I don’t know if you know the current condition of your daughter. I could not find any an honest and caring person like you. I could not find any shoulder where I can rest my head. People are so selfish and coward here. People don’t think for a moment before hurting others.
Recently, I have some question mark whether you have given me a wrong education but I still proud of you. I still proudly tell others how people had stopped me to tell how great you are. People praise everyone at the face. Or they praise when someone has died. I never told you how many people had praised you but I you deserve to know that. I can still feel those moments of proudness being your daughter.
I think the mother was right. As she said your principle won’t let succeed your daughter. She was also right about her “backstab and betrayed” statement. I never listen to her. I always thought she is a racist, but my recent experience tells me that mother was right. Father, your daughter has become a loser. my culprit and coward soul husband have failed me. I think we both should have listened to mother.
Father, of course, mother had not attended any foreign school like us. I remember father what you used to tell me that mother was more intelligent than any person. You always told me, “thank god your mother had not attended any college otherwise Advocate Ram Jeth Malani could lose his job to her”. But my mother is the winner today. I and you are the real losers.
I could be wrong father, but I think that your principles, love for the Valley, and faith in Islam have made us to lose our lives. I have followed your paths. Father, I am not quite sure if the Valley is the same as it was when I was a young child and you were a young man. I have not seen those people which you talked about.
Father, your daughter’s tears have shed all over the Valley. Your daughter was humiliated in the Valley. She cried and continue to cry father, but nobody came forward to support your daughter. Everyone talks but nobody has the courage to ask my coward and bewafa so-called soul husband that why he abandoned her.
Father don’t blame your daughter. I did what you taught me. I fought and I never had given up. But father my coward love become so selfish. I swear baba I never disrespected him. I always love him from the bottom of my heart. I swear father I have not played with him. He has betrayed me. He has destroyed me. Because of him, I am away from your grandchildren. He has given me so much pain which has made to take a step to disrespect him publicly. I feel it but swear father he has no iman or dharm. He doesn’t have any soul or respect for himself. He is forced to abandon his love. I have done what he has wanted me to do it. So, don’t get angry at me if we ever get a chance to meet again. My soul has beaten up. Your daughter has forgotten how to smile which is not an important anymore. However, your daughter has lost her strength and her confidence which you always advised not to do it.
I wish I could meet his father, but I learned something from my old wise man. Why father suffers for his son’s cowardliness and sins so I have not asked anything from him. Sometimes, I wish to talk to Ahmed’s father. He is my father too, right father. I will have the only question from my other father whom I never have seen him in my life. I want to ask what he would do if somebody else has done with his own daughter. I will accept his decision. I am already taking responsibility for my actions. My Ahmed has also daughters. I have a daughter too. I don’t know what Ahmed and his father would do. Of course, your daughter knows what to do if someone ever attempts to do the same thing with your granddaughter.
I did have some hopes from others. Most of them have daughters but nobody came to help your daughter. Thanks, father, you start to come in my dreams too often recently. I know you are gone from this planet, but you always look at me. Make me feel safe and secure. I am not alone anymore because I have my father’s blessing. I wonder why I have only one person’s portrait in the entire house.
Please forgive your daughter. Ahmed always told me he will do this and that. Actually, he is nothing but it reminds me of something. Ahmed is just a Mohra father, so you forgive him. Do you remember what my uncle often said, “The house which is cotrolled by a woman, would never succeed.  It causes only the destruction”. Your daughter has been shattered because of ego and jealous of another woman. The woman who acted sweet then she backstabbed me. Our elderly always give very good pieces of advice but we never follow them.
I continue to follow your advice. I test myself every day. I could look in my eyes directly. I could face myself. I interrogate my soul every day as you told me. I could investigate my own soul. Ahmed cannot do it. Ahmed has a dirty soul father. He is not a good man like Abu was. There is no surprise why your daughter always becomes stronger. Even my culprit and coward love has tried to kill me, but your principle always is given my life back. I owe you forever.
Father does not matter both of us are the looser because of our belief and faith. I want to be your daughter in each future life but we both will listen to mother.
Love and regards.
Your Munna.

4 thoughts on “A Letter to The Father

  1. Ill pray for you. I cannot completely relate to you but I know how it feels to be abandoned by someone you invested so much time and emotions in. Ask God for help. You will come out stronger and better.

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