What About Her Tears


Everyone told Sara that time will heal her. Sara’s many friends had noticed and heard her screaming out of the lungs. Everyone witnessed continuously dripping her tears. Her colleague had noticed many times When she broke down emotionally at her work. Ahmed also seen her tears. Her tears flood from her eyes but it seems stuck in her throat too.

Unfortunately, her tear has no value. The man she loves has ignored her tears then who else would care. Ahmed never wanted her to cry. He used to get upset when she cries little. However, he did not think for a moment before giving her tear forever.

People say God count each tear which shed from a woman’s eyes especially when a man is responsible for those tears. God may already lost the counts of her tears.

People also say God always does what he thinks is right. Sometimes it takes a while, but God never forgets to provide a justice. Yes, one day God will provide justice to Sara as he always did in the past.

Time has been elapsed but is failed to heal Sara’s pain. Time could not stop her tears.

Tears still shed at the same volume and with the same intensity. However, tears have taken a toll on Sara’s eyes. She can hardly see anything without glasses.

Time has helped her to hide her pain and tears from others but not from herself. Sara thanks God for that.

Sara said, “I wish to be blind and deaf. I wish to have memory loss. Bubby, do you remember now why I always wish to have dementia?”

Sara cries while talks Ahmed,” You are not good bubby anymore. I don’t like you anymore. I wish never to recognize you. I wish that I could never hear your voice and could never see you if you come in front of me that why I want to have a memory loss, deaf, and blind”. Sara has gripped both of  hands tightly before the right hand rubs her nose with her unique style.

Sara has cried again today. Sara feel alone since her god brother and the old wise has gone. They cannot stay with Sara because their faith/religion is different so Sara is not welcome.  So, Sara has written an email to Ahmed but she has emailed to herself insetad of emailing to him. She knows where Ahmed lives with his dead soul don’t have  any address. Yep, nobody knows the address of hell.

Sara looks up towards the sky with tearfull eyes. Sara has said many things to God without saying a single word. God is the only one who understands her look. He is the only who understand the value of her tears. The God always read her mind what she wants.

To be continued…….

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