Who Are The Real Terrorists’ Makers?

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I neither endorse any religion or political views nor trying to insult any religion/faith/person. My country doesn’t compromise with terrorism. The topic of this article is” Who Are The Real Terrorists’ Makers? 

God is one but there are different faiths and religions to approach the Almighty. The diversity of those faiths and religions shares a common goal to reach God while maintaining the path of morality and humanity. The people without morality and humanity should not practice or worship God. Go deeply to find the morals or teaching of any religions or faith, you will find similar teaching or the principle. Neither Quran nor Bible, or any Holly book encourages the person to kill the innocents. Who was born first human or religion? Of course, you won’t need further testimony if you could find the answer to the question who was born first: human or religion. I doubt religion was born first. All those faiths and religions lead to one destination through one joint moral/goal but with different paths or faith or religion. Each religion has similar basic teachings in addition to some individual beliefs.


Stop blaming or claiming any religion/faith for terrorism. The topic of religion is discussed because some people use other people’s emotion on the base of religion.The religion or faith don’t teach to fight against each other; however, the greed of some people has created a personal dictionary of words which were never mentioned in any holy book. Then why we hate each other. Why we fight with each other for the namesake of religion?

Being a medical professional, I think and act scientific way but my recent experience with reality has changed my views about life. Recently, I went undercover for my personal reason. Everybody has a right to know the reality so, nobody could stop me even the federal authorities have expressed their concern about my safety.

In the last six months, I have visited the valley multiple times. Driving from the airport to Pahalgam and other parts of the valley, I had met many angry faces. I got chances of talking to many individuals whose lives are directly and indirectly influenced by terrorism in the Valley. I have met many radicalized people. I have spoken to the terrorist leaders. I have also met the people who are willing to give their lives for the motherland without any hesitation. The investigation was more personal but took me into the lives of Kashmiris.


The gap between rich and poor is like the rest of India. Corruption is the same. The power dominates the state. However, the fear is worse in the public. Fear of terrorism and injustice. Fear of both from the terrorists and law enforcement. Who could better understand the injustice than me? Terrorism comes automatically due to the imbalance of power, poverty, justice, and fear. Unfortunately, the valley has all of them.

I have a chance of meeting a 15 years old child from South Kashmir. He is the only son of a poor farmer family. The child was interrogated in the police custody not to mention under the supervision of my so-called estranged husband. I could feel the fear in his eyes. I have sensed his rebellion and angry behavior. The child has insisted not to reveal his identity due to fear of harassment and assault by law enforcement. He was harassed and torched by law enforcement on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, his poor father could not bribe law enforcement. So, the family afraid the child will pick up by the authority if something bad happens in the area. Well, what is the future of this child? Will he concentrate to do the study? Will he be able to focus on his future? The same child told me he won’t hesitate to become a part of Mujahideen. He is a mujahideen’s lover. The child also asked me if I know someone so he could join them.

Of course, poverty is another reason for violence and terrorism. The paradise state has very good natural sources, fruits, and travel businesses but has not utilized properly. Nobody wants to invest. The article 370 is the other obstacle for economic growth. The political leaders are using the article as their weapon. Who will vote them if nothing to solve? Of course, there are lots of potentials for the growth which nobody pays attention to. Lots of radicalism group won’t let the problem solve for their own fake publicity and greed. Of course, the British had gone long but left their political policy for us:  Paro and Raj Karo.

How often the political or religious leaders have seen walking on the roads of the remote towns? Anybody has seen anybody talking to the young children? Don’t forget the young children are the future of any nation. Can anybody have tried before any mishappening? Why we should try talking to those kids? Why do we want to improve the future of those children? Well, they are not any leaders’ own kids. The day this attitude will change the luck of Kashmir would change dramatically. Who tries talking to those children about the risk and loss of terrorism? Yes, I have read many statements or tweets against the terrorism but also noticed some hate hidden in those statements which could be sensed by a 3rd-grade student. The children need one to one attention instead of talking on social media, we should engage the children directly. You can mold the child, but you cannot change the views of the elderly. The elderly have become the branches of terrorism, but the children or youths are the new roots. It is the time to cut the disease from the roots instead of cutting the branches.

How and where Buhran was killed? Who is responsible for his death? Had he died in the police custody or fake encounter or real encounter? The foreigner had taken advantage of his death. They called him a martyr. the situation has worsened significantly after his death. I asked a senior police officer how and where Burhani was killed. Of course, I had not received any answer. Question is not how he died. Question is how Buhran had become a militant. Did he had paid the price of being a brother of the terrorist? Did he pick up the weapon because of his inhuman interrogation? Why the son of a school teacher had become a terrorist instead of becoming a teacher? A teenage had beaten up and then release to the parents. The young man was humiliated so he decided to pick up the gun. Can you blame him? Who is responsible for his being a terrorist?

The law enforcer would pick up innocent youth. He will be harassed while in the custody. The parents or other family members get busy to make the arrangement of money for the bribery. Who knows how the parents/family make that arrangement? Of course, the parents are the farmers and laborers who earn less than minimum wages. How they will pay the money to save their sons. They will send the borrow or sell their lands. According to one source, the minimum bribe is Rs 40,000 rest depends on the family status. Who will break the chain of bribery which starts from the lower to high-level rank? Unable to pay borrowed money and unable to forget the harassment and insult, the youths have no option instead of picking the gun or becoming the rebellion. A young man has caused the car blast which claimed the lives of 39 CRPF soldiers. Why the young man did this action? Why he has given his life and taken many lives? I think everybody knows the reality. So why we blame others when our own house needs to be cleaned. The authorities knew one month in advance before the attack what action was taken to prevent this attack?

The borders are not safe either. A foreign militant pays a million to cross the border, but the poor soldiers try to protect the country while standing in the icy weather. Just put them in the barracks at least they won’t get cold or pneumonia because someone will cross the border anyway. At least govt will save some money on the medical services for those sick soldiers.
Dr. Afjal Guru’s son had given an emotional statement. One of decorated army officer already made him a terrorist by giving his political speech on social media. The army has changed his tone later as I confronted him personally. So, what is the future of the doctor’s son? Is terrorist’s son will become a terrorist? If so, why Wani had become a terrorist instead of a teacher. I had not seen anything on social media if anybody has approached the youth personally to change his view with a calm and positive manner or approach.

The terror lives inside of each human, which come out as terrorist with an unrealistic and unfavorable external force. The society always plays an important role in terrorism. They are also responsible for creating a terrorist. The public is actually a puppet and some greedy people won’t hesitate to use their sentimental weakness: Religion. The public gets stuck and has divided between two groups. Instead of helping in a joint effort to eliminate terrorism, everybody is busy to achieve their personal benefits. The terrorists live everywhere both in the private and public sectors. The public doesn’t use their brain. They don’t think out of the box to analyze the loss and risks due to terrorism.

The educated and brilliant people have a radicalized thought so what will be the future of the Kashmiris? It is not only in Kashmir but also the story of each state where justice has gone wrong. Is India still a democratic country? Ask yourself, what you can expect where everything is on the sale including justice?

I hope everybody knows already who are the real terrorists’ makers? Can we blame our enemy? Can we blame our neighbor’s country? Can we blame the public? Once I was questioned regarding an epidemic of opium and who is responsible? My answer was very clear and directive. We, the medical professionals are the drug dealers. So, I hope people get the answer who is responsible for terrorism and who are the real makers of terrorists.


3 thoughts on “Who Are The Real Terrorists’ Makers?

    1. Yes. I agree. In USA , the use of opium is pretty high. I am not sure how the doctors manage writing the opium related prescriptions. However, in the emergency department, we have become very strict. Most of emergency Departments have become dilaudid free. I am more concerned about the illicit drug use and overdose.


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