What Should Be Her Name? Perfect plan?

Outside is cold and windy. Sara could hear the wind which not helping her to concentrate. The tree in her backyard has grown up a lot. The tree is just five year old. Well, this tree will never mature. Neither tree will mature nor Sara’s waiting period will end.

Sara closes her eyes after texting Ahmed on his phone. However, the text messages will never reach Ahmed. Suddenly distance of two places has grown apart a lot. Sara’s voice will never reach Ahmed. Sara’s brain and mind will not stop thinking until she dies.

Do you remember bad man? You always told me that ” mera ko app ka bahut lol aah reha ha” .

Sara’s official but fake birthday will be after couple of hours but someone else has the real birthday on the same date,month, and year.

Sara reminds Ahmed,”Do you remember how I used to make my mom to celebrate both of my birthday? Yep, that is mum’s fault that I have two birthday. Two birthday, two cakes, and of course two gifts”.

Well, nobody will go to the temple for prayer this year. Neither you nor my mum.

“I have found out the reason why you want me to change my name to Seema or Sara A. Khan. The perfect plan, perfect victim and perfect sin by a brilliant cop will lead him to a safe passage or house. You know what I am talking about” Sara says.

Sara says, ” It is hard to digest and understand. Why ? Reality hurt. Sometimes accepting to the reality could cost a lot but one day the person should face it. I am facing the reality but hard to accept it”

Sara tells Ahmed, “your one side has shown me lot of love and affection, and bundles of promises & dreams. However, your another side show me betrayal and cowardliness which leads to me directly into my grave”.

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