She Pays For His Sins

Sara pays for Ahmed’s sin. That is right sometimes we pay the price of our loved ones. Sara used to pray for him. She always want to keep him safe and happy. Sara has not done anything wrong except loving the sinful man. So being his soul wife, Sara continues to pay the price of sins. Sara is suffering today which is not due to her sins. She is suffering for his sins.

Sara is emotionally so attached to him that time could not heal her pain. Sara could not decide if she hate him or love him even his reality came out of the earth. Don’t blame Sara bringing his reality out. He made Sara to do it.

Sara will suffer for his sins forever. Sara feels that Abu, uncle, mom dad died once more time due to Ahmed’s cowardliness. Sara never felt orphan even her both parents were died because Ahmed was there but now she feels nothing and nobody is there.

Ahmed always used to tell Sara that I am everything for you. How he used to talk being everything but then become ghost. Ahmed could become himself how he claimed being others. This is the one bother Sara a lot Ahmed has compared himself with her protectors and loved ones. Sara thinks Ahmed has insulted a true Muslim. Abu would never left her alone. He could have given himself instead of seeing a tears in Sara’s eyes. Sara question if Ahmed is a real Muslim because he fails to the rules of Islam.

It make her angry why he compared himself with others. Sara thinks Ahmed should ask for forgiveness from those great souls. Ahmed should ask sorry from her father and uncle. The person knows himself what they are capable to do or not to do so was Ahmed. Why he made the promises which he was not capable of fulfilling it. Ahmed knew that Sara would be completely destroyed if he could not keep his promises. Any doubt bubby, Sara ask from the walls of her room.

Then why Ahmed said he is just like them to her. That is the insult of three great people who had lived their life with dignity and honesty. They were not coward or culprit like him. Sara says ” my Ahmed is coward and culprit man. He had done many sins. I will pay for his sins”. Sara still pray to the God to make her to pay his sins because she already hurting in the pain.

Sara has done with her life. She lives now which she really don’t know why. Sara doesn’t know if Ahmed will learn his lesson and won’t do anymore sins. However the person never stop committing the sins if he done once. That is why She is here to remind him. Stop Ahmed. See what you have done. Don’t repeat it. Sara said, “the man I have loved most, has blocked my future by shattering my present.

To be continued…..

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