Trip to Find Some Reality

Image by Bryan

Sara has suddenly eloped for a while. She mentions she has made a trip to her native country to find the truth. Sometimes she says she has made a visit to her Wiseman. Sometimes she says she was gone to get some help. Then she says she was wondering to find the reality. However, there is no specific answer.
Sara is back with the same intensity. Sara says, ” No doubt I am paying for his sins. I have lost my reliability and credibility. No doubt my love has shattered me. The reality is I was never Sara. I was just passage to the other world for him. Ahmed has used both my feelings and love. I wonder why he always wants me to name as ” Seema or Sara” so it will be on my official documents too. Not for me, it was someone for else. However, it is too late now.”

Sara has found something else that The God/Almighty belongs to certain people only. Sara is told being an uncivilized part of the world means West. At least, The uncivilized people are open to express their feelings but they won’t use others. They don’t betray others. So Sara love being this part of the world. I am happy to be this part of the world because people are not selfish. they are not corrupt. The people don’t judge others. God is not divided in this side of the world. The woman is a woman in this part of the world.

Sara loves this part of the world where women don’t hide herself under the veil due to fear. No corruption, no fear, no bribe. Justice lives in this part of the world. In her native town, justice is on the sale. Love could be sold. People have worn the mask to hide the truth. Everybody is courageless. People live with fear.

In the next posting, why Sara eloped and why Ahmed wants to change her name.

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