Nothing New Just Old Sins

Sara has contacted her Wiseman to ask if he read the new posting on the blog. The Wiseman has given a predictably harsh response that he doesn’t like reading her love stories. Sara doesn’t think it is a love story. She thinks the story is relating to the destruction of a woman who is slowly killed by her soul husband. Sara calls her love life or soul husband as, “A coward man without a dignity”. However, suddenly she thinks, “no, he might be doing all this because he is asked to do it. The person behind the game is a very clever person who knows the game well”.
Sara surprised people ask many questions from her secretly but don’t have the courage to ask directly which is pretty sure related to, “Fear”. The cowardliness of the coward person could lead to any damage. Sara is a different story. She is not afraid of anybody except God. Some people say she could do it while sitting outside the country. No, Sara still has a capacity to ask questions directly on anybody’s face. However, Ahmed doesn’t have the courage to face Sara. He doesn’t have the courage to pick up his eyes in front of Sara. Ahmed knows what destruction he already has done to her knowingly. Ahmed feels it and he realizes it, but he won’t say a single word because he knows what he did. He has destroyed the woman whom he loves most in his life. Ahmed moves with his high tactical 18 bodyguards in three bulletproof cars. Even former president of united states doesn’t have that type of security. Why he is afraid of? He is afraid of reality.
Someone has asked Sara if Ahmed would be in her condition in the future what she would do. Sara said, “I will do the act of humanity or a person should do with the soul. Help to get him up instead of abandoning him, make him strong but I will never trust him”.
Another question was, “Why Sara humiliated him publicly while she loves him so much. No, I have not humiliated him. People perceive what they want to see. First of all, posting his pictures which are very normal pictures in the western worlds is not humiliation. He is my soul husband. He has made me a part of his life by remembering Allah. Either Ahmed doesn’t believe in Allah. Ahmed just totally a liar. Sara tries to wake up his dead soul. Sara has attempted to stop him from doing a sin. The sin he committed killing his own love. She encouraged him to do the right thing by providing justice to a woman who loves him blindly. Sara did best whatever she could do. She did scarify. She fought, and she lost her life. She destroyed herself completely. Even Ahmed won’t able to recognize her if she stands next to him.
Sara said, “I could see him. I could feel his presence. I could see him with my open eyes wandering in the room texting on the phone. He lives around me. He has done something very wrong in his life. No, he did and still doing wrong things in his life. Making innocent people terrorists, taking the bribe. Sometimes, our loved one pay the price of our wrongdoing. Sara is paying the price of his sins.
This was written before Sara eloped suddenly.

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