Letter to Almighty

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Dear God,
I thought about writing to you many weeks ago, but I could not find your proper address, so I really did not know where to mail my letter. I went to my local temple, mosque, and church, but you were not there. I used to think you live in any living creature, so I have been trying to talk to myself. I have been tried to send you a message through nature and through my soul, but the letter returns to me with a comment just, “unable to find the address”.
Unfortunately, I could not find a mailman who knows where and how to deliver my mail. This is the reason today I have decided to write to you openly. I wish you will read my letter and show me the right path or direction. I am standing on the four-way stop, so I need your help to show me which way I should go to achieve my destination. My dear God, I am one of your billion daughters who is waiting for your support. As you know I have been a good kid since you have sent me to this planet. Somehow, I think that I am landed on the wrong planet. Or you just sent me to examine my loyalty. If you just sent me to proove the loyalty for you, then I want you to stop it because I am so tired and exhausted from all those tests that you have given me throughout my human life. I am still loyal to you. I always say, “God is one and great who lives in the soul of each living creature at the global level”.
I have given you the proof of loyalty by still believes in you even you have given me those tough exams which were worse than hell. My Ahmed is not my Ahmed anymore. His soul has become a dark or I am not sure if he has sold his soul already and he has become a man without a soul. I thought he would be my protector, but he is the one who left me to die alone.
I have attempted to complete all my tests very sincerely, which you have given to me. My dear Almighty, your daughter is so tired now. Your daughter deserves some peace. So, please don’t give me more test while I remain on the earth. Next time, please honest with me before you send me anywhere. Please give me the information about the people whom I would interact with. You have not given me a piece of information about the soulless, coward, and corrupt people. Can you please next time put some tag on their forehead stating something like this, “person with a soul, person with a dark soul, Coward person, Unfaithful person. My dear almighty those tags would help me to interact with the right person. I am not good to make the right decision or recognize the reality of the person.
God, I am tired and exhausted trusting people. Next time please teach me all those tricks people use to convince each other otherwise don’t send me to the planet as a human. I would love to be a bird or animal or any living creature except humanity. I am eagerly waiting for you to show me an appropriate path. I have left very little life which I would like to spend in the peace except proving myself. So, my dear almighty, please no more test for your this daughter. I want you to send me your messenger. I want you to send my protector. I need your blessing. All those will help me to reach my destination.
God, I am so exhausted that sometimes I feel like a return to you. However, suddenly it comes in my mind that Almighty has sent me for some certain reason to be here. I want you to call me back home if I am already done which I supposed to do. God please no more testing. Why does more testing require? People on this earth has become deaf, mute, blind, selfish, and soul-less. There is no value of humanity and honesty and loyalty. God people are so selfish here, so they have not hesitated to break you in many pieces. So that is living proof, how this humanity has gone so wrong and bad.
I am ready to rest in the peace now. Either call me back home or show me to chose the right direction. God, you have options and choices but also power to decide that is why you are the almighty. I am just your ordinary humane daughter who has only options but no choices and no power to decide. I want you to come or send your messenger to hold my finger help to choose the right path. I am still standing in the middle of the same four-way stop. I have very limited time to reach my destination. I don’t want to waste more time going toward the wrong path and make a U-turn again, and then will be standing again in the middle of the four-way stop. So, please God, come to help me.
My final request God, next time when you send me anywhere please provide me the return address. One of your daughters stands alone in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise, you know God how the traffic is horrific which will come from all the direction of four-way. My advise not to come on this earth alone, human has become so selfish they might sell you for the half- price.

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