The Diversity of Isms/Culture

Sara was born in a different culture and environment, but she was raised in the different surrounding. She has ended up living in a totally different culture where diversity is typical high compared to the other nations. Of course, people start learning how to live in harmony and to respect every faith and belief. The diverse culture education starts at the beginning of school year but continues by the employers especially in the healthcare industry which is dominant by the Eastern. Educating the people how to respect each other is a wonderful tool for peace. Sara thinks why her native country doesn’t educate the people about diversity. Then it comes into her mind that the personal greed of certain people will be the biggest obstacle to the education won’t work there. Unless those people with a charismatic personality will show some humanity. However, the selfishness, corruption, and the power hunger won’t allow them to do such a kind action.
Sara remembers when somebody did pass some racial comments to her immediately after 911 tragedy. However, the remaining staff in her unit came forward to help her out. Once almost dead person did not allow Sara to intubate him due to her nationality. Sara was surprised the patient was himself an immigrant with the Hispanic background. Then, Sara thought he might have some bad experience in his life. However, Sara yelled back at him, “do you want me to let you help or you want to die suffering because I don’t have anybody available who has same belief or nationality like yours”. However, the person allowed her immediately after he heard the word, “dying”. Once she heard the comment from a patient whose teenager was just standing next to her, “oh she looks Indian, so she won’t give her a pain medicine”. Sara most of the time ignores the racial comments but sometimes she had to call the security to escort them out.
Sara’s medical group was also dominant by Indian and Pak background people in addition to other cultures and beliefs. Sara said most people could not recognize them due to having a similar physique characteristic so sometimes, they will ask Sara or her colleagues if they were from Pak or India. Sara has noticed none of her co-workers corrected them. Sara enjoys and celebrates Christmas, Eid, Diwali all together. Nobody could tell who is Hindu or Muslim, or a Sikh while they get to gather. they eat the same food and wear the same dresses, of course, they speak the same language. Sara surprise what happens when they go close to Indo-Pak border. A curse or a haunted place? People change dramatically. Everybody always starts thinking about who they are.
Recently, there was great tension at the border of Indo-Pak, but Sara and her colleagues continued to work with harmony and peace. The people of both sides of borders had suffered in every aspect: physically, emotionally, and financially. One of her staff members has a curiosity if it makes any of them uncomfortable. Sara and Paki colleagues both laughed and said, “well It does not matter which side of the border will be there home or relatives. We will get the passport of that side to visit our loved one”.

They never started a topic of war or religion or anything. Their routine did stay the same. It surprises Sara when a highly educated person did not feel comfortable talking to her because she is a woman and doesn’t belong to his faith. Why people don’t think that we are just human so please leave all those isms behind. Live with peace and harmony instead of fighting on the base of isms. A newborn takes birth without any religion, caste, or culture. The society, parents, and elderly are the one who teaches the newborn about diversity. The child learns what he or she sees or hear. Can the parents start teaching about humanity than teaching about the isms?

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