About Writing Ideas

Picture taken by me. Downtown Chicago at 0100 hrs

Our surrounding environment impacts on our thinking. A person perceive what he or she hears or sees or smells. Without thinking and interaction with the external forces, it is hard to perceive or think, which automatically impact someone’s ability to write unless you want to write about something fictional or imaginary.

Since I have no interaction with the rest of the world since past one week, my ability to write has significantly diminished. I have just memories which is also limited due to limited interaction with the external forces. I have spent most of my life alone and there were very limited people in my life. I was friendly with everyone but I had only one best friend with whom I had spent most of my time.

I still remember my childhood memories which is only a golden part of my life. I used to share all my childhood stories with him. He always shared with me. I wonder how we had spent many years and years, hrs and hrs, and days and days talking to each other and we loved it.

I can’t remember certain years of my life. Those years are blacked out from my brain but I was told talking about my those years when recently I went through a psychological trauma.

This is a recovery time which I has decided to recover myself. I am not sure how wise my decision is. However, I have noticed less I interact with others, the more I feel recovered and I feel less anxious.

Keeping your feelings to yourself actually cause more damage so I do express my feelings through the writing on the blog.

Mostly a person interact with each other to share their feelings. Socializing is a vital aspect of our life. Socializing doesn’t require one to one or face to face interaction with each other. Expressing yourself on the blog give you a wide perspective. Other benefit is nobody judge you.

I hope continue to reading and writing on the blog. There is lot of learning and ideas on the blog postings.


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