About writing on the blogs

The blog readers and writers read my articles/posts which is actually the pictures of my real life. However, I appreciate none of the bloggers have given me any negative feedback. Nobody has judged me. Nobody has given me a free advise.

It help me to ventilate my feelings which was very important to me. Neither writing was my hobby nor my profession; however, it has become my best friend since my beloved man has injured me psychologically. Before that incident, I was a very private person. Writing and sharing my feelings on the blog has increased my confidence. I know that is my life long injury. I might never fully recovered from the traumatic injury. However, my anxiety and tears are well controlled. Hiding the truth is not the solution to any problem. Lying or hiding the truth actually creates more problem. I feel significantly improvement in myself since I have brought the real Ahmed out through my writing. I don’t care what people think about me. I just know I have loved someone from the bottom of my heart which is not sin. I don’t feel embarrassed being abandoned by him. Thanks for supporting me by liking my posts. Thanks everyone being there for me.


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