About The Identity

Image taken from Wattpad

Is it Sara’s time to find her identity? Where she really belong to? What is her faith? For this purpose, Sara need to implore herself. she need to think what she believes and why she believes it. How comfortable she feel in each situation. Sara’s confusion is not something new. Sara has allowed the life to play with her.

Sara was told recently to identify herself. The old boring wise man was little harsh with her but she learned something from those words. His attitude toward Sara was not very friendly. But Sara think she was indeed of that attitude.

So far Sara has learned many things but she always have a hope from the people who hates her. Hope from those people who has destroyed her completely.

She was never disciplined. Nobody has never told her what is wrong or right for her. Everyone who came in her life were selfish people who always preferred what was right or wrong for them. Ahmed did the same thing otherwise his love were not going to change in 2 hrs. Sometimes, she thinks Ahmed is scared from something but she doesn’t care about him anymore. She just says Ahmed is not a good person at all.

I think Sara still need some guidance. Her god brother and old boring wiseman has left her in the early stage of the recovery. In the beginning, Sara was confused and she was in denial phase that Ahmed has betrayed him. She was shattered.

Why Sara like her old wiseman and god brother because both of them has shown Sara some discipline. They were strict and full of ethics and morality but also somewhere she felt caring behavior. Sara says, ” I go back too far in my life when I think about them. Ahmed knows what I am talking about otherwise nobody else could understand it”.

Sara is little upset why they left because she thinks they were going to help me to identify myself. I am not a kid anymore that I need my parents and Ahmed’s protection. But she also understand that she need to find herself who really she is. Sometimes she get scared that someone could take disadvantages of her condition. Is this why Sara refuse to interact with anybody?

How long she will hid herself in the isolation? When or ever she will able to identify herself? Time passes quickly but Sara waiting for her god brother and old boring wiseman even she know they were just temporary in her life. Sara thinks Almighty has sent her old boring wiseman to show her identity and strength.

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