About the Beautiful Valley

Sara often dreamed about the Valley even she just spent five years of her childhood. She still remembers white snow and a solo apple tree in her backyard. She has lived many parts of East and Western part of the world but her attachment to the Valley always remains the same.

In the past, a strange force used to pull her toward the Valley. Finally, she returned to the Valley in 2008. Sara felt first time that she was safe and secure at her home which Sara regret now. Living in the western country, she get all the luxury and basic facilities which everyone dream or wish to have it but Sara never feel comfortable here. She still look back to the Valley but she get scared going back to the Valley as she remember her last visit.

Looking at the walls of her house, Sara thinks,”no, this is not my house. I don’t belong here”.

The boring old wiseman has advised her to do what she really want to do and stick with the plan. Yes, Sara struggles to keep permanence.. But she is still determined that she will rerun to the Valley soon and it will be her place rest of her life. Sara need stability and peace which can get only in the Valley.

Sara thinks easy to get the same geography and climate in the western world but her soul won’t be peaceful anywhere else than in the Valley. She could find many waterfalls and riversides but there will be no fun as she enjoyed at the bank of Lidder and Sindh.

Sara has made her mind living in the valley soon. Sara thinks absolutely right because a person leave the home in the morning to earn the living but do return to the home at the end of day.

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