No Mystery Other Than The Betrayal

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People ask many questions anonymously, but I like to respond on my blog site. My brother from another mother has asked me some questions. My brother has asked if Sara tried to know what prompted Ahmed to leave Sara or go away? Did Sara try asking? My brother already has forgotten why Sara came to India in first place. True lovers neither judge nor hurt each other. Each relationship has sometimes conflict which requires clarification to solve the situation. Running away cause more conflict. The person should not destroy his or her loved one if someone love you a lot from the bottom of the heart. The person should respect someone’s feeling. Treat it as human.

It was easy for Ahmed to leave Sara because Ahmed knew that nobody would ask a question from him why he did this to Sara. He was right. He also knew Sara is a fighter and she won’t hesitate to fight.

Yes, Sara asked Ahmed every single day why you abandoned me? Her each paths were blocked by Ahmed which she tried to open it. She attempted to reach him but she was just humiliated and judged. She came all the way to ask Ahmed why ?

Ahmed did not have any specific answer for Sara. The last time she met with him. He told Sara, “let everything settled down he will be back”. Sara told his #1 wife so she get permission to marry Ahmed legally in India which was originally scheduled on her birthday on 10/20 in front of session judge of Anantnag, which was postponed due to Sara being American which require the special permission from the Senior Authorities or have to done in New Delhi after staying there for 3 days.

So marriage was postponed until May. What make him to prompted away from Sara in 2 hrs? Sara had chosen the path of truth and honesty. She asked his wife to get the permission to marry Ahmed in the legal way, which he failed to ask. She didn’t feel like to hide it from her, So Sara got punished for being honest.

First wife told Sara on the phone that, “I am not conservative so I don’t mind giving the permission”. However, later came in her mind losing the benefits of legality. Sara hate politics but don’t know she will come herself in the middle of family politics and dramas.

The reason is very clear why Ahmed left Sara because he did not have courage to face the reality. He was not honest with either of them. Being a coward, liar, and corrupt, he could not face Sara. He could not clean tears because he was threatening due to being his corrupt and could be shunned from his community making a non Muslim woman his legal wife. Rather he go to Jail for his love or just be deaf mute and blind. So he has chosen the second option abandoning Sara even he knew Sara won’t survive alone without him.

He is still not honest which is none of Sara’ business anymore. Two women has made a promise. One had kept and second one totally ruined everything. One has given a father to his kids but other one did not hesitate making two kids orphan. There is no love but more Sara has noticed was a couple with benefits and family politics, and selfishness.

Ahmed had to make choice so he had chosen # 1 not because of being in love with her. It was just due to fear. Why you fell in deeply love with another woman while you were in love with someone ? Sara remember his answer when she asked the question from him before they even had any relationship. Why you run across the world to meet each other? Ahmed has other weakness which Sara hesitates to write it on the blog.

Yes, never question mark on anybody’s judgement. Nobody could answer that one better than Sara who was judged on every How many people get impacted with Sara’s scarifices? Only the God has the answer. Why she brought his reality of Ahmed publicly because Sara used to get many phones and messages about many other so-called Sara. Ahmed is not a child and he know who was spreading the rumors. He already know She will be bringing it publicly. Many people already knew Sara’s relationship with Ahmed so it does not matter writing about him on the blog. At least someone has stopped to make Sara harm herself now.

How much true love was true. Sara has significant doubt on that. Sara’s thought belong to 14 th century where she thinks relationship happens only due to soul connection and the desire of the God.

Yes brother, Sara lives in the environment of hate now. Ahmed is responsible giving Sara this life. He is one who took the smile away from her. Sara is born due to Ahmed’s cowardliness. Ahmed always used to say that he will handle the situation but he failed to do so. His failure has given Sara this life. Unfortunately this is truth and she has to live with this her entire life. Sara was failed to recognize him because she was so blindly in love with him. Sara is also in default because she has believed Ahmed with her closed eyes. She is also responsible for her condition.

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