Which is More Powerful? Word, Weapon, or Uniform

Image from www. sutterstock.com

Somebody has recently raised a question that why Sara has chosen his uniform picture on the recent article, ” Who killed her”. The person in the uniform has killed Sara but the power of uniform has become the accessory to kill her. The person is not dead when he or she is gone physically. The Person could be killed psychologically, so Ahmed has killed her psychologically. Sara explains how the power of uniform has killed her.
The people in her native country is always feared by the uniform’s power. The power of uniform has given certain people the authority to do whatever they want to do it. ” A person goes to his or her home when he or she is indeed of the help or they are in the trouble because our mind tells us that our own people come together and find the solution or your home is a safe place”. So, Sara went back home crying. She has met many good or bad people. She was worried about Ahmed. He might be sick, or something happened to him. She asked for help, but all her paths were blocked due to the power of the uniform. Nobody thoughts the woman from another side of the world has returned home to get some help. Nobody has the courage to ask why he abandoned her. Why did he fail to provide justice? Nobody has the courage to ask why he failed to protect his own love? Sara could be saved from the damage if Ahmed could come forward to save her.
Sara was not anybody’s sister or daughter so why someone would come forward to jeopardy their lives or careers. Sara came to know what is the value and power of the uniform which has taken everything away from her. That is why the picture of the uniform has chosen to show the mystery man behind this story. Can Sara blame others not to help her? No, she won’t blame anybody else because it was the fault of her coward love. It was her fault who has believed Ahmed blindly. It was very hard for a woman to put her own pictures with so-called soul husband on social media. Only Sara has the courage to do it because Ahmed did not have the courage. She did it because she believes in Ahmed loving her so much as he used to say it. Or she did it to save many or any other Sara.
Ahmed used to tell Sara he would shoot her if she ever decided to leave him or marry somebody else. Unfortunately, Sara still standing on her words, Ahmed is the one who ran away. Many seen Sara’s tears and many heard Sara’s screaming but nobody has the courage to speak in front of the uniform. The old and wise man only was the one who asked if he could be a middle man, but Sara refused to him. Sara asked help from the person who was a witnessed of their love story and has ended with a person who supervised building their cottage. Anyway, this topic ends here because the damaged is already done. Nothing to repair. Sara will meet Ahmed in another life.
Sara has chosen the word to express her feelings than the weapon. It was very easy for her to pick up the weapon when she was not in her good mental state. However, she is sworn to save people’s lives not to take it. She won’t allow the terrorist to win over her mind. Her love is everything to her but not important than her country. Sara could do anything but won’t betray her country. so, she had chosen her country than her coward and corrupt love. The weapon is not strong enough to win the power of the word. However, “The word” is stronger than the power of the uniform. Therefore, Sara has chosen the words to express herself. Those words could be learning a lesson for others. Sara’ words or articles will turn into a book one day which will be given as a gift to the future generation of Sara & Ahmed so they would not make the same mistakes as their parents did.
“the words” support Sara now. “The words” are Sara’s world now. She ventilates her feelings through the words. She talks through the words. She connects with the rest of the world with her words only. Ahmed knows Sara very well. He knew already that “Sara is a tornado and only Ahmed could control over her. So why he left her alone? Sara went for help everywhere but the power of uniform kept blocking her paths so why sorry for this destruction now? Ahmed has not left the choice for Sara except choosing the power of words to control the power of the uniform. He knew Sara will be completely dead without him, but he also knows Sara is a fighter and she would find her way to get up by herself without anybody’s help. Sara has found her way: “The word”

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