Last Day @ Work

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Sara knew five months back that she would end up leaving all those familiar faces. The people whom she has trusted and loved most in her life has left her alone. Why she has to worry about those familiar faces? At least nobody will ask how Ahmed is doing? When he is coming or when are you going? She has supported herself with the end of those three questions.         

        New faces at new place won’t ask any those questions from her. She wishes she could just change her heart and soul too so she could forget everything which hurt. Often, life plays strange things Other benefit of leaving this old job means nobody will try to show mercy or pity at her. She was not used to those things. She was never left alone while at work since the past few months. They won’t allow her to see Ahmed’s picture. they knew her tears start to shed soon if they won’t take her phone away.

         She has lost her vision dramatically in the past few months. Can you blame the eyes or tears or her luck? Sara remembers when her boss reminded her that it is time to find a new job. She won’t blame him either for taking away those familiar faces. Her boss never wanted her to leave but he had become a sandwich between the administration and her. Sara has made his life easier deciding her own fate. She was on the top of the list providing the company highest revenue. But she has become more liability. People always salute to the sunrise. Sara told her boss not to knock at her door anymore. Even it was not his fault. The fault was a call from a female caller which came from all the way from the East. However, the old familiar face already knew the value of a black diamond. Her mentor has told her, ” the value of the black diamond”.

        Working in healthcare especially in the emergency room is just like a war zone where hardworking medical staff fight to save life. Someone’s valuable life is on the stake. Easy to miss the mistakes if your mind and brain are not clear. Sara’s eyes, brain, and mind already drenched with the fog of her betrayed love. So, she had taken the right decision at the right time. Both her mind and brain need rest for a while. Sara has decided to stay away from a working environment until she is healed l. Many have a question mark if she will ever heal. She could not stop the wise man not to leave her. She has shed a lot of tears but hiding from the world as usual. Well, she gives herself a false hope the incident happens for something good. Sara cheats herself while others cheat someone else. Life is a combination of up and down the slope. But Sara’s life is always on the slippery slope.

      Sometimes the person pays the price of honesty. Sara proudly put her face up and could face direct eye to eye contact in the mirror. Can you do this Ahmed? Can you look at the mirror and try it? I can give you guarantee Ahmed and Di, you guys won’t look at your eyes for few seconds because you guys won’t able to look into your own eyes. You guys have killed Sara alive. Halaal? It was good she left the work when everyone was busy resuscitating the patient. Sara’s tear doesn’t wait for the monsoon season to rain. Now Sara wait for her imaginary friends to join her.

To be continued.

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