Cursed or Bad Karma

Photo by me

Sara wonders if her life is cursed or born with a bad karma or luck. First, she used to think A person make his or her own karma. Her view has changed significantly over the time due to her personal life experience. It is not like her karma strikes back. She never hurt anybody. She never cursed anybody. She never betrayed anybody. She has respected everyone’ culture, religion, or their personal view. Then why she suffer?

She never hurt even a bird or animal. She used to ask sorry from her dog if she accidentally stepped on his tail. Why she still suffer?

She thinks this is the life to life relationship with Ahmed. Both take turn in every other life to hurt each other. Sara still don’t believe the man she most trusted and lived in her life, could betrayed her. She used to expect the God could abandon her but not Ahmed.

Her imaginary world is everything to her. Suddenly she get sad and then next thing the tear, and then scream. She wake up frequently with nightmares.

Once her dream was to have big family but in the realistic world she is alone. Nobody to talk or share feelings.

She tries to find the reason for her bad karma. Anyway her karma won’t strike anymore. She has lost everything so nothing left. So how long bad karma will continue to chase her?

What is a karma? Where is God? Why people are so selfish?

She remembers her last meeting with Ahmed. It makes her surprise how he acted so innocently. Sara thinks why he still continue to lie?

The old, boring, and wise man is gone so she feel totally alone. Sara thinks she should just stop thinking about her native country. Will this help her to forget everything? Will this will change her Karma? Will this make her to forget her country?

Her love has made her so vulnerable. At least he is happy. She is able to keep her promise even he failed.

So karma make the people’s luck or a person make other people’s karma or both make each other’s. Sara’s karma is already gone. Ahmed has many promises but I have not completed any of them.

Maybe unlucky enough, calls Tornadoes.

Well, writing on the blog won’t impact anybody’s life. It does not matter matter if anybody read or care but atleast she is able to ventilate it.

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