Mystery will remain mystery

Bringing the reality to the public was not mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. It won’t heart Ahmed either. My actions won’t bring any shame or humiliation to him. Everyone already knew but nobody has a courage to say because there is no justice except the betrayal. Everything is personal issue. However, sometimes the personal issue cross the walls of the house when the owner of the house won’t control his house.

Ahmed has encouraged Sara referring him as a husband. You don’t require a certificate to call a couple that was his thinking.

Then his thinking changed with in 2 hrs. Sara had attempted to reach him but no call or email were going through.

I have received many threats. I have received many stupid calls. I have lost everything for him. He have killed me physically, socially, psychologically, and professionally.

I got punishment because I refused to lie. It was a shame nobody came forward to ask why he did it her. Yes, I was approached many times by anonymously many people including his wife # 1 that there are another two many like her.

People had not care that I were going thru emotional trauma. I were pushed many times to the edge where I thought to end my life.

I hope if any or many Sara reading this. Please take care of urself. There is just lust and his cowardliness nothing else. The person could not protect his own love from humiliation and destruction what he could do.

He should kill her instead of her Halal.

Can he walk with his head up?

Yes, because he doesn’t have any soul or any religion. Who killed his soul if he had not betrayal her? Why he betrayed the woman who put her life on the stake?


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