A Old and Boring But Wise Man

Image from Instagram

Sara is confused where she really belongs. She tries to find her world but ends up on the start point again. Why she continue to search where she belongs?

She is stuck in East and West. She is failed to understand the difference between the cultures and religions. Once she has a hope that she might lead to somewhere but hope is completely gone. She is just call herself “human” only but there is no value of humanity.

She knows there is a God because he always send someone temporarily in her life when she go to the edge. Somehow God helps her but always take it away from her. However, she appreciates God sending her help during the hardship. Sometimes a person help psychologically just sitting faraway. It does not mean you need something from somebody but it does support ur mind that “there is someone”.

Since Ahmed is gone so is her hope too. So why she blame others while it was all Ahmed’s fault. Why he abandoned her? Why others have to clean his mess?

The old and boring man is gone too. God has sent him to help her. Is old man really existed? Even there were lot of difference in her and him but at least it was a peace of mind for her. She really appreciate his help. She was little greedy. She wished he should stay permanently but she could not stop him. She could not say, “can you be in my life forever?”. The humanity could not stand longer in front of the long list of human. She could not tell him, “can you just stay for me old man and I will do everything what you want, and I need you old man.The old and boring man is a wise man so he has a great knowledge.

Sara pray to God please don’t send anybody in her life. She suffers a lot when the people leave. But God has given something her strength to heal and rebuild herself. But she doesn’t want to heal because it hurt when the wound reopens.

Okay Old and boring wiseman god bring happiness in your life. God bless you. God bless everyone doesn’t matter if they were not nice to her.

God Bless to Everyone but specially to the Old, boring, and wise man.

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