When Brain and Heart Fight?

Image taken by me

Sara’s brain and heart fight with each others. Brain tells expose him so he won’t dare to destroy somebody’s life as he did with Sara. God give punishment to the sinner and the person who hide the sins of sinner.

Sara’s mind changes frequently. Her brain and mind don’t coordinate. Ahmed has blocked her all paths. She has forgiven him, but he never dares to say a single word to say sorry ruining her life. Ahmed has killed Sara alive. He has taken her peace away. He has taken her country away from her. Nobody has the courage to speak for Sara due to fear of his power. Some journalists have expressed their fear that Ahmed could do a fake encounter of them if they tried to expose them.
Sara’s love for Ahmed has forgiven him. However, Sara’s being a woman will not forgive him. Will Sara could suffer herself? Will she allow somebody else to suffer now? There is a fight in Sara’s brain and heart. Heart says Sara he is your soul love and forgive him. But brain says Sara he is a coward without any soul and no self -esteem. Today he has broken you and tomorrow he will do with somebody else. 
He should not leave Sara alive. The brilliant top cop has made one mistake leaving a wounded woman alone. The woman who trusted him blindly. The woman who loved him blindly. He should kill her too. The police make a lot of money killing a foreign terrorists. Is this right Ahmed? Sometimes a gallantry reward or sometimes presidential award?
I think Ahmed need to feel what is called helpless and humiliation. How many years more people will salute him? For command on somebody, you have humiliated and abandoned your love. Sara has sent Ahmed a message about the intentions of that person through one of his subordinates. The same person who has supervised building Sara’s graveyard.

” I think on the day of judgement, the God give punishment to both but the person who hide the sins of sinner will get more punishment.”


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