The Judgement & Reality

the picture was taken by A A Khan

Coach Muller the blogger said wisely at end of his blog, “JUDGING A PERSON DOES NOT DEFINE WHO THEY ARE…IT DEFINES WHO YOU ARE!!!His statement has left a great impression on me. Many people have judged me recently which had disturbed my mind. I thought I might be on the guilty ride. My approach may be wrong. However, reading Coach Muller’s statement has changed my mind. My approach was right. The message I was tried to convey was appropriate; however, the people interpret the wrong way. Sometimes people interpret or perceive the message about how they want to see or hear. It depends on the person’s mentality and intellectually and emotions. Sometimes we fail to perceive the reality of others because someone else reality could be just perception or vice versa. The person really needs to think hard what other person wants to say or want to convey the message. Wrong judgment and perception not only lead to destruction but also influence negatively on others. Sara is gone forever because she has seen the reality with her open eyes. She was judged and her intentions were perceived wrongly. The killer of Sara still roams around without any self- esteem or dignity. Yes, Sara has chosen his birthday gift. Bangles will be the best gift for the coward person who let Sara down. The same bangles he bought for Sara. Ethan else would be a wonderful gift for him. Sara is a brave woman and the ability to fight because she believes in God. She believes in honesty. God will open a special door for her when the human has closed all the doors for her. God already might have open the door for her. The corruption, hunger power, and lie are only temporary in the person’s life but honesty and reality survive longer despite all the tornadoes.

Good luck Sara for your new journey.

Myself is Sara. Sara soul has left my body because it was killed by AA Khan. 

It is me again. A fighter and a survivor.


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