Many & How Many or Just One

Flower rented from my Di

Sara laughs at this when someone tells her that there are too many Sara like her in Ahmed’s life. Sara know who spread these words and she also knows what the intentions behind this rumor are.
Sara says, “Ahmed had admitted who is his love. Do I need proof of it? No, I don’t. I know why he betrayed me. Yes, I am upset, and I have every right to be upset because he has broken my trust and he did not have courage, but I do. So, nobody has the right to say he is a bad person except me. He owes me not the rest of the world”. Sara still tries to protect the killer of her life. Why so?
“The love sacrifices instead of asking scarifies from others. Some people just have nothing to do but look for opportunity. People use their brain to its limited capacity”
Sara says, “come on ladies if you really love my Ahmed, then show your courage. I love everybody who loves him. I love every person who belongs to him. Shame for spreading this word for your own personal greed”
Sara says, “ Nice try, well, that won’t help me to forget him or hate him”.

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