Ahmed Cries

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Sara says both of us had connection understanding each other’s unspoken words. he always used to say, “bloody how you know this”.
“I had seen same tears in the past in his eyes. I never seen a man cries in his life except for Ahmed. He has sent me his message through his tears, which I have received but I don’t know how to interpret it. Once I used to understand his unspoken words, but his betrayal has made me so confused that I have lost the ability to do so anymore. The telecommunication has broken but nobody could break the soul communication.

I had seen tears when I had not spoken with him in the past. He would continue calling me until I speak to him. Ahmed could not sleep unless I talk with him. He never has seen him satisfied with our conversation. He always wanted to talk more and more. Maybe he knew we have very limited time which I did not have a clue.
“Again, I have walked a lot to reach him. He was sitting on the chair with his chin resting on his palm. That is his comfortable position, but he is also in deep thoughts when he sits like this. I have seen a sadness on his face and tears in his eyes. He looks at me with a question,” why I am doing this”. I have explained to him the reason why I am doing this. Then, I have left back to my cave, and Ahmed has gone to do his duty”.
“both of us are trapped. Both of us are tied somewhere. I have forgiven Ahmed for hurting my feeling once again. Then why he cries. Yes, in the end, I can interpret it. He tries to convey to me that we are only physically away from each other but not the souls as he used to tell me in our daily conversation. Ahmed used to say, “distance doesn’t matter. We are away from each other physically but not emotionally”.
Sara says, “Thanks Ahmed coming in my dream to remind me what you used to tell me in our daily conversation. I wish you would have told me face to face”.

Sara say ” don’t cry Ahmed. I am sorry bubby.  Here you can have my blue flower”.

Next post on the existence of too many women in Ahmed’s life and what Sara think of it.

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