Thankful and Blessed

Image from Teapublic com

I feel blessed how much affection I have received from the blogger community. Thanks to the great person who has advised not to release anybody’s comments. So, this blog will continue. It is important to express your feeling. You will regret it later if not express now. So, expressing your feeling generally by writing instead of talking to someone special, is a good option especially for the loners. Ventilation is very important to live.

Ventilation of feeling has similar importance as ventilation of respiratory circulation. Mismatch of that ventilation could influence a person’s psychological and physiological health. So, the ventilation of Sara’s feeling through the blog is my mission. Saving Sara is my goal. I won’t let the fighter go down that easily. My mission and vision are making Sara strong again. I know many people want to see her dead. I appreciate the support and love all the bloggers and readers have given to Sara. This blog site is only Sara’s best friend now. So friends don’t get sad or disappointed. Sorry, Sara has made more enemies than making friends, so please don’t get so excited and happy because Sara is a time bomb which could explode anytime. In next post, why Sara want me to continue writing on the blog??

to be continued………

Next post: Sara’s future plan

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