Sara’s Future Plan

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       We learn every day something new. It does not matter how much experience do you have but life will continue teaching you something new every day. Life is a balance of good and bad experience, but the mismatch could create a great impact on an individual’s life. Sara’s life is also mismatched. I and Sara think that she is the one who is responsible for this mismatch. Sara’s belief or faith has created a significant negative impact on her life. Sara is enough brave to take responsibility. She is not a fool, but she makes a very strong sense which many of genius don’t have it. A person with a special need has an extra sense. God give you something else if he would take something away from you. God has already written so nobody could change it. Ahmed and Sara separate in this life because they need to meet again in the next life.
         Ahmed could have many wives or mistresses, but Sara has only one Ahmed. Sara says to her young friend, “Hey boy you are right. Sara won’t live without Ahmed. But you are wrong that Allah will bring both Ahmed and me together again. Yes, they will meet again but in next life though. God bless you giving me hope which I always tell you not to give me a false hope”.
        Sara says, “Yes, faith and religions are important aspects of our life because it shows the human how to stay in the boundaries. What is the meaning of each religion? I am a God-fearing woman. I believe in God and the soul. Both without God and soul person become insane or cruel. However, there is the God of all the Gods which is called, “Humanity”. So, becoming a good human is more vital than having perfect faith in a specific religion. I respect and value all the faiths and religions. A human need to believe in a faith which does not matter if he or she worships love, stone, God, or any specific religion. Who is a beast and best? The betrayal or trust? Love or lust? Honesty and bravery vs liar & cowardness”.
     Sara has forgiven Ahmed, so she won’t reveal her identity. No, Sara not leaving or moving forward because she has lost trust and faith. She has lost the battle due to injustice. The person leaves the home only when inside of the house is disturbed. Sara has stepped out because her trustworthy has betrayed and abandoned her. So, she left the house to get some help. This is the first time she stepped out and was surprised to see the different colors of the real world. What you can expect from somebody else when your own most trustworthy has ruined you. Ahmed could forget Sara but Sara’s tears will be never dry. Of course, Ahmed will pay the price of each drop on the day of his judgement. 
        Sara has decided to join her mentor. She has lost in the public sector. She has decided to re-enter the real world instead of being Reserve. She must attend the boot camp before she goes back to the real world. Sara is a fighter and will make her way to go where she was. The American knows what is the meaning of “Being Reserve”. Revealing Sara’s identity could impact on Ahmed’s safety because Sara has not made many friends.
Sara says, “The enemy should not know your weakness. The most important thing to remember: Enemy don’t kill the person because we know the strength of our enemy. A trustworthy is the one who will stab you in the back because a person becomes careless and blind in the love. Learn the weakness of your enemies and the strength of your friends if you want to win the war”.


To be continued……………………………

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