Something Strange & Fishy

I could be wrong and another person who has attempted to reach me to get some information may be right. He or she knows who Ahmed is. How many people have their first or last name, Ahmed? That is was a little fishy because not too many people know who Ahmed is. The person was not willing to give his or her name even I asked twice. But he or she also don’t scare if Ahmed would know about that. I could be wrong, but the goal of the person was very clear: either keeping Sara away from Ahmed or another attempt to make Ahmed womanizer. Or another attempt trying to kill Sara. Ahmed knows it. Now that’s Ahmed’s job to find who is the mastermind of this fishy or the perfect plan.
Why Ahmed just won’t have the courage to kill Sara? He has killed her psychologically but how about also killing her physically.
Sara has created many enemies. Why does she need to die in her cave? She just could come to the airport and just tweet it, “I am here”. Sara’s story will be over. How about harming the American, it could create a national threat? This is why Ahmed is so smart and intelligent. Shame on those people who have put an innocent woman in this situation.
My job is to save Sara only and bring her voice to the public. Even Sara’s death won’t help to hide the reality. The soul wife means when a man accepts the woman by swearing upon on his almighty and swear upon on his kids and keeping Allah his witness to make his special woman as her soul mate. In Islam, this mean is the soul and religious wife, not a so-called soul wife.
Story start to take another turn. The words have power. They can be very useful if used to help somebody. The words could become a weapon if incidentally used with the wrong intention.

to be continued.

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