Fear & Fake, Hide & Seek

Image from unbound spirit.com

At the beginning of Dec 2018, I tweeted to find a journalist who could write a story or a novel. Anyway, I have received a response to that tweet early this Am. Somebody has really searched enough to find almost 4 months old tweet. So the tweeter or fake journalist has offered his or her help. I have sent him or her message on the tweeter’s mailbox. I have the chance of communicating with that person which was very fishy and interesting. Anyway, the person has not identified himself or herself. The differential goal of his or her communication, I have mentioned in my previous post. I thought I was so rude or I did not take that person seriously. So I checked his or her tweet messages again. There was no surprise to me that the fake journalist has changed his tweeter’ID.

It makes suspicious someone is playing somewhere some similar games. I cannot believe it people have gone so down or lost their humanity and they won’t hesitate to ruin someone. People really take advantage of someone’s pain. I blame Ahmed fully responsible for this. Does the real killer of Sara’s life has become scared or desperate?

This is just the beginning. Then y so scared? The corruption has taken power over justice and feelings. However, the words and true love has unique power which could not be scared or bought.

Sara says, ” My Ahmed could be corrupt but not a womanizer. I am the only could say bad about him but I won’t allow anybody to say bad about him”.

Fear leads the person to make mistakes. To hide the truth or unable to face reality lead the person toward the destruction. Fear and lies just destroys the life. Injustice takes the sinner to the grave.

Don’t make the promise which you cannot fulfill it. Due to your cowardly actions, someone gets totally destroyed because that person may truly love you. Respect in your own hands. It takes years to earn it but you can lose it in minutes. Tears of the innocent could bring the tornado in your life. So won’t hurt anybody who is already wounded.

Sara knows who was behind this scenrio. ofcourse, she has learned many things from a briliant cop. Ahmed know well what Sara knows and who is playing games. No hide and seek. 


To be continued……..

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